Stryker of the Yard

Stryker of the Yard (also known as Stryker of Scotland Yard and Scotland Yard Cases ) is a 1953 British crime film directed by Arthur Crabtree and starring Clifford Evans, Susan Stephen, Jack Watling and Eliot Makeham.[1]

Stryker of the Yard
"Stryker of the Yard" (1953).jpg
U.S. 1-sheet poster
Directed byArthur Crabtree
Written byLester Powell
Guy Morgan
StarringClifford Evans
Susan Stephen
Jack Watling
Music byLambert Williamson
Running time
67 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

A second cinema film, Companions in Crime followed in 1954.[2]

In 1957, these films and others aired as a 15-episode British television series of the same name, starring Evans, George Woodbridge, and Tim Turner.[3] The series was also shown on U.S. TV.[4]

A host (Tom Fallon) introduced each episode, and at the end of each story intoned: "And it just goes to show that crime does not pay."[3]

In 1957–1958, the American Broadcasting Company aired the series Scotland Yard, originally made as a series of British theatrical film shorts, hosted by Edgar Lustgarten and starring Russell Napier.[5]


Missing episodesEdit

Series Episode No. Lost Episodes[6] Original Broadcast Date
1 2 The Case Of Uncle Henry 7 December 1961


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