String Trios (Schubert)

Franz Schubert wrote three string trios, all of them in the key of B-flat major. From the first of these, D 111A, a trio Schubert wrote in 1814, only a few measures are extant.[1] The string trio D 471 consists of a completed first movement and an incomplete second movement, composed in 1816.[2] The last of these trios, D 581, was completed in four movements, exists in two versions and was composed in 1817.[3]

Schubert around the time of the work's composition

String Trio in B-flat major, D 111AEdit

A few bars of an Allegro movement is all that is left of the string trio D 111A, composed in September 1814.[1] The fragment is printed in the New Schubert Edition.[2]

String Trio in B-flat major, D 471Edit

Schubert started composing this piece in September 1816, but only finished the first movement.[3] In 1890, this movement was the only content of Series VI, Trio für Streichinstrument of the Alte Gesamt-Ausgabe, and was as such republished by Dover Editions in 1965.[4] The second unfinished movement was first published in 1897, in the first volume of the Revisionsbericht of the Alte Gesamt-Ausgabe.[5]


  1. Allegro, 4
    in sonata form
  2. Andante sostenuto, 3

String Trio in B-flat major, D 581Edit

Schubert wrote this string trio in September 1817, and it consists of four movements.[3] The Alte Gesamt-Ausgabe published this trio in 1897 as No. 5 in Serie XXI: Supplement, Volume 1.[6] Both versions of this string trio were published in Series VI, Volume 6 of the New Schubert Edition in 1981.[2]


  1. Allegro moderato, 4
  2. Andante, 6
  3. Menuetto: Allegretto, 3
  4. Rondo: Allegretto, 2


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