Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name

Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name is an 1984 American animated television special that first premiered on March 24, 1984, in New York City and on March 30, 1984, in Los Angeles, California. This is the second Strawberry Shortcake television special produced by Nelvana. This is the fifth to feature the American Greetings character.

Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name
Written byPeter Sauder
Directed byArna Selznick
StarringRussi Taylor
Chris Wiggins
Theme music composerPatricia Cullen
Songs composed by:
Bob Chimbel
Merry Loomis
Country of originCanada
Original languageEnglish
ProducersMichael Hirsh
Patrick Loubert
Clive A. Smith
EditorsRob Kirkpatrick[1]
Alison Clark[1]
Don Lauder[1]
Keith Traver[1]
Running time23 minutes
Production companiesMAD Productions[1][2]
Nelvana Limited[1][2]
Those Characters from Cleveland (uncredited)[1][2]
DistributorLBS Communications (TV, 1984)[2]
Original networkSyndication
Picture formatNTSC
Original releaseUnited States:
March 24, 1984 (1984-03-24) (New York City)[3]
March 30, 1984 (1984-03-30) (Los Angeles, California)[2]
Preceded byStrawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise (1983)
Followed byStrawberry Shortcake Meets the Berrykins (1985)


Strawberry Shortcake and the Baby Without a Name chronicles Strawberry Shortcake's annual summer camping trip, where she and her friends encounter a monster in the woods. The Peculiar Purple Pie Man and Sour Grapes attempt to capture it to become rich and famous.


Name Character Source
Russi Taylor Strawberry Shortcake [2]
Robert Ridgely Purple Pieman
Jeri Craden Sour Grapes / Fig-Boot
Melleny Brown Lemon Meringue / Lime Chiffron
Cree Summer[nb 1] Orange Blossom
Monica Parker The Baby
Susan Roman Peach Blush / Blueberry Muffin
Laurie Waller Plum Puddin'
Chris Wiggins Mr. Sun / Narrator


As with Housewarming Surprise, Bernard Loomis and Carole MacGillvray served as executive producers on Baby Without a Name.[1][2]


The special aired on March 24, 1984, on WCBS-TV in New York City,[3] and on March 30 on KTLA in Los Angeles.[2]

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A VHS cassette of this special was released in 1984 by Family Home Entertainment.

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  1. ^ Credited as Cree Summer Francks.


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