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Strategic Command is a 1997 air hijack direct-to-video film directed by Rick Jacobson, starring Michael Dudikoff, and co-starring Richard Norton, Paul Winfield, Bryan Cranston, and Stephen Quadros.[1] The film was written by Sean McGinly and Tripp Reed.[2]

Strategic Command
Strategic Command film poster.jpg
Directed by Rick Jacobson
Starring Michael Dudikoff
Amanda Wyss
Richard Norton
Paul Winfield
Bryan Cranston
Stephen Quadros
Release date
Country United States
Language English


Rick Harding (Dudikoff) is a former Marine officer, now working as biological weapons scientist for the FBI.[3] The movie starts, with Harding's lab being infiltrated, which results in terrorists getting their hands on a deadly nerve agent called Bromax 36. Led by Carlos Gruber (Norton), the terrorists hijack Air Force Two (the aircraft of the Vice-President), a Boeing VC-25 en-route from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C.. Harding must participate in a midair effort to retake Air Force Two and save the Vice President and his wife.[4]