Stortorvet ('The Grand Plaza') is a square in Oslo, Norway, located west of Oslo Cathedral.

The statue of king Christian IV at Stortorvet.
Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri
Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri
StatusProtected by resolution
Coordinates59°54′48.21″N 10°44′40.88″E / 59.9133917°N 10.7446889°E / 59.9133917; 10.7446889
Year built18th century

It was officially inaugurated during the autarchic times, in 1736. A town market was held here until 1889. Marketing still exists, but has largely been moved to Youngstorget.[1] The building that houses the restaurant Stortorvets Gjæstgiveri is a Norwegian Cultural Heritage Site.[2] Other buildings surrounding the square are business buildings such as GlasMagasinet and the main entrance of the Oslo Cathedral.

Stortorvet was located on the outskirts of the part of the capital that was founded by King Christian IV, Christiania. A bronze statue of the king pointing is located in the square, entitled "here the city is to be".[3]

The square became an important hub for public transportation with the introduction of the tramway. A balloon loop for the Ekeberg Line was located here until the 1960s.[1] Stortorvet is still served by a station on the Oslo TramwayStortorvet—as well as buses.

The so-called Battle of the Square took place here in 1829.[4]



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Coordinates: 59°54′46″N 10°44′44″E / 59.91277°N 10.74546°E / 59.91277; 10.74546