Store Street

Store Street is a short and busy street in Dublin running from Amiens Street, Dublin at right angles. The street has tramlines with the LUAS running into Busáras and running at right angles towards Abbey Street, Dublin. Across the road is The Custom House. There is also a police station called Store Street Garda Síochána.

Store Street
The corner of Store Street and Beresford Place - - 1732632.jpg
The corner of Store Street and Beresford Place
Store Street is located in Central Dublin
Store Street
Native nameSráid an Stórais  (Irish)
NamesakeStores and warehouses for the Old Dock located on the east end of Beresford Place[1]
Length170 m (560 ft)
Width21 metres (69 ft)
Postal codeD01
CoordinatesCoordinates: 53°20′59″N 6°15′8″W / 53.34972°N 6.25222°W / 53.34972; -6.25222
south endBeresford Place
east endAmiens Street
Known forGarda station, Busáras
LUAS tram crossing Amiens Street into Store Street.

From Dublin Connolly station Holyhead can also be reached by Irish Ferries from Dublin Port, reached by walking beside the tram lines around the corner from Amiens Street, Dublin into Store Street or by Luas one stop to Busáras where Dublin Bus operates a service to the Ferry Terminal, or Dublin Bus route 53 [2] or to take a taxi.


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