Stoner Sloth

"Stoner Sloth" was an anti-cannabis public service announcement series of three videos, created by Australia's New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet in 2015.[1][2]

Stoner Sloth
Stoner sloth screenshot.jpg
AgencySaatchi & Saatchi
ClientNew South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet
Release date(s)2015


Each ad begins with a scenario involving people in public places. As everyone is acting "normal", it is all disrupted by Stoner Sloth, a sloth who reacts slowly while moaning. Stoner Sloth is meant to represent the behavior of a stereotypical stoner and its actions are accompanied by a musical cue of a guitar being weakly strummed. The human characters around Stoner Sloth usually react with disgust or disappointment.


The creative firm Saatchi & Saatchi created the ads which "backfired miserably" and were an "instant and classic fail",[1] according to trade publication Adweek.[3] The agency defended its ads, which cost $500,000.[4] The National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre distanced itself from the campaign.[5]

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