Stonehaven Open Air Pool

Coordinates: 56°58′11″N 2°12′16″W / 56.969691°N 2.204508°W / 56.969691; -2.204508

Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool, Queen Elizabeth Park, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, is an Olympic sized heated open air public pool opened in 1934. It is the northernmost lido in the UK.[1]

Stonehaven Open Air Pool in 2005
Entrance to the pool


This 55 yard (50.3 meters) x 20 yard open air pool is the UK's only art deco Olympic sized sea water lido. The water is heated (29C/84F) and the pool is open from late May to early September. There is a Leisure Centre with indoor swimming pool next door.[2][3] Other facilities include a paddling pool and a cafe.[4]

At the deep end, there is a small water slide, themed as a shark. An inflatable swoopee is also available on weekend afternoons in early & late season and daily in high season (local school holidays). Midnight swims are also offered weekly in high season. There was also previously a high diving board, but this was removed many years ago[when?].[5]


The pool was opened 4 June 1934.[6][7]

In 1994 Aberdeenshire Council had plans to close the pool but a local campaign (Friends of Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool) successfully lobbied to save the pool. This organisation is now a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated organisation) and works in partnership with the council. While the Council owns and operates the pool, the Friends maintain, enhance and promote the pool.[8][9]

Current patronage of the pool (2014) is around 30,000 visitors per year.[10][11]

In 2019, the slide was closed due to concerns about the state of its supporting structure. It was replaced for the opening of the pool in 2021.[12]

The pool did not operate in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[13] It is set to reopen in May 2021.[14]


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