Stomy Bugsy

Gilles Duarte (French pronunciation: ​[ʒil dyaʁt]; born 21 May 1972), better known by his stage name Stomy Bugsy, is a French rapper and actor from Sarcelles, France.[1]

Stomy Bugsy
Stomy Bugsy in 2013
Stomy Bugsy in 2013
Background information
Birth nameGilles Duarte
Born (1972-05-21) 21 May 1972 (age 48)
Paris, France
OriginParis, France
GenresFrench rap
Occupation(s)Rapper, actor
Years active1991-present


Born of parents from the Republic of Cape Verde, Duarte helped found hip hop group Ministere AMER, however in 1996 he decided to launch his own solo career and influenced with West Coast and gangsta rap from California with the album Le Calibre qu'il te faut (The size that you need). He gained important success with the single "Mon papa à moi est un gangster". His recent release is Royalties in 2015, released online on April 27, 2015.

Duarte has also had several acting roles especially Ma 6-T va crack-er in 1997, 3 Zeros in 2001, Gomèz and Tavares in 2003, Nèg maron in 2005 and Anna Meyer, assistante de choc in 2006, Aliker in 2008 which he portrayed André Aliker, a Martinican Communist journalist in the 1930s, he later appeared in Bye Bye Blondie (2012), an adaptation of a book by Virginie Despentes.

Stage nameEdit

His origin of the stage name was known in the 1980s his second part of the name Bugsy is named after the mafia Bugsy Siegel

Personal lifeEdit

He has a son, Bilal, born in 1992, he started his rapping career in 2013.

Stomy Bugsy is the nephew of the former Thai boxing champion Aurelién Duarte.



  • Le prince des lascars (1996) (The prince of thugs)
  • Le calibre qu'il te faut (1996) (The size that you need)
  • Oh Lé Lé Lé (Cabo Verde) REMIX (1996)
  • Trop jeune pour mourir (2000) (Too young to die)
  • Black Pimp Fada (2000)
  • 4ème Round (2003) (4th (French) Round (English))
  • Rimes Passionnelles (2007) (Rhymes of passion)
  • royalties (2015)

With Ministère AMER:

Compilation albumsEdit

  • Le Secteur Ä (Live) (1998)
  • Mixomatose (1999)
  • Secteur Ä All Stars (2000)
  • Double Pénétration (2001)
  • Nos probéza ké nos rikéza (2006) with Mc Malcriado, in Cape Verdean Creole


  • "Le prince des lascars" ("The Prince of Thugs") (1992)
  • "Mes forces décuplent quand on m'inculpe"
  • "Mon papa à moi est un gangster" ("My Father and Mother are Gangsters")
  • "La vie c'est comme ça"
  • "Gangster d'amour" ("Gangster in Love")
  • "Black Pimp Fada" (with Michel Gohou) (2000)
  • "Une femme en prison" ("A Woman in Prison") (feat Kelly Rowland) (2003)
  • "Aucun Dieu ne pourra me pardonner (feat. Nâdiya)
  • Ho lé lé lé (Cabo Verde) (feat. Izé)
  • "Motivation"
  • "Viens avec moi" (feat Passi)
  • "Sois Hardcore" (2008)
    • Remix version by Alpha 5.20, Tequilla, James Kpage, Lino Despo Rutti and a few others
  • "Même pas mort" (2008)
  • "Demain j'arrête" (2009)

Other recordings and collaborationsEdit

Partial list

  • 1995:
    • Ministère A.M.E.R. - "Sacrifices de poulets" on the film soundtrack La Haine
    • Hamed Daye feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Travail au corps" on the compilation L'Art D'Utiliser Son Savoir by DJ Desh
  • 1996:
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Le prince des lascars" (Casino Mysto Remix) on the maxi Le Prince Des Lascars
    • Stomy Bugsy feat. Karlito - "Bouche à bouche à un mort", on the CD single Oh Lé Lé Lé
    • Stomy Bugsy feat. Les Rongeurs - "Show Lapin" (Bunny Show) on the maxi Oh Lé Lé Lé Remixes
  • 1997:
    • Nèg' Marrons feat. Ministère AMER, Doc Gynéco, Hamed Daye & Ärsenik - "Tel Une Bombe" on the album Rue Case Nègres by Nèg' Marrons
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Avoir le pouvoir" on the film Ma 6-T Va Crak-Er
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Histoire de seuf" on the double CD Mes Forces Décuplent Quand On M'Inculpe by Stomy Bugsy
    • DJ Kheops feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Le Play-Boy de Sarcelles" on the album Sad Hill by DJ Kheops (IAM)
    • Passi feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Le Keur Sambo" on the album Les Tentations by Passi
    • TSN feat. Doudou Masta, EJM, Lamifa, Sages Po', Nemesis & Ministère AMER - "La solidarité noire on the album Le Mal De La Nuit by TSN
    • Cercle Rouge Productions feat. Assassin, IAM, Ministère AMER, Fabe, Yazid, Rootsneg', Sléo, Ménélik, Soldafadas, Arco, Mystik, Kabal, Azé, Radikalkicker - "11'30 contre les lois racistes" on a double CD 11'30 Contre Les Lois Racistes by Cercle Rouge
  • 1998:
    • Donya feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Morgan de toi" on the album 100 Regrets by Donya
    • Stomy Bugsy feat. Kybla - "Donne Moi Du Rêve" on the movie soundtrack Zonzon
    • Cut Killer feat. Fonky Family, KDD, Ménélik & Stomy Bugsy - "Écoute le style rap 98" on the promotional 2CD Écoute le style rap
    • Rainmen feat. Stomy Bugsy - "La Rage Au Mic" on the album Armaguedon by Rainmen
  • 1999:
    • Jane Fostin feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Quand Stomy te fuit" on the compilation Indigo R'n'B
    • Djamatik feat. Stomy Bugsy & Pit Baccardi - "Reggae Night" on the album Djamatik Connections by Djamatik
  • 2000:
    • Stomy Bugsy - "No comment" (also as "No Comment") on the compilation L'Hip Hopée Vol.2
    • Stomy Bugsy, Ärsenik & Jane Fostin - "On Ira Tous au paradis" on the film soundtrack Trafic D'Influence
    • Izé feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Propulse" on the album Double Nationalité by Izé
  • 2001:
    • Passi feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Le Plan B-2 (La Cicatrice)" on the album Genèse by Passi
    • Hamed Daye feat. Stomy Bugzy - "Le Plan B-3 (La Mèche et La Brèche)" on the album L'or Noir by Hamed Daye
    • Stomy Bugsy feat. Lion Bizness (Djamatik & Kulu Ganja) - "Prise d'otages" on the double CD Prise D'Otages by Stomy Bugsy
    • Stomy Bugsy - "J'reviens au rap dur on the double CD Prise D'Otages by Stomy Bugsy
  • 2002:
    • Hamed Daye & Stomy Bugsy - "Instinct" on the film soundtrack Samouraï
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Motivation" on the film soundtrack 3 Zéros
    • Stomy Bugsy & Doc Gynéco - "Bugsdoc 18" feat Doc Gynéco on the compilation Explicit 18
    • Doc Gynéco feat. Stomy Bugsy - Frotti Frotta "(C'est l'amour qui contrôle)" on the album Solitaire by Doc Gynéco
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Freestyle" on the mixtape What's The Flavor #50 by DJ Poska & Funky Maestro
    • Ministère AMER feat. Doc Gynéco & Hamed Daye - "Le Colis" (promotional title)
  • 2003:
    • Doc Gynéco feat. Stomy Bugsy & Janik MC - "Big Up" on the album Menu Best Of by Doc Gynéco
  • 2004:
    • K.Ommando Toxik feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Sacrifice 2 poulets" on the street CD Retour Vers Le Futur by K.Ommando Toxik
    • Passi feat. Stomy Bugsy & Zao - "Combattants" on the album Odyssée by Passi
    • Darkman feat. Stomy Bugsy & S Galo - "Kreol oriental" on the album Darky Le Jour, Daman La Nuit by Darkman
    • Ministère AMER feat. Hamed Daye & Doc Gynéco - "Plan B" on the mixtape Los Angeles Most Wanted by DJ Noise
  • 2005:
    • Cuizinier(TTC) feat. TTC, Sté Strausz & Stomy Bugsy - "Dans le club" ("By the Club") (San Andreas Remix) on the CD Pour Les Filles Vol. 1 by Cuizinier
    • Ministère AMER - "J'aime le Rap" ("I Am the Rap") on the compilation Illicite Projet by Medeline
    • "Les Meurtres se font la nuit" on the compilation West Rider 2
  • 2006:
    • Johnny Hallyday feat. Ministère A.M.E.R. & Doc Gynéco - "Le Temps Passe" on the album Ma vérité by Johnny Hallyday
    • Doc Gynéco feat. Stomy Bugsy - "Tu mens" on the album Un Homme Nature by Doc Gynéco
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Foot 2 Rue" on an LP Foot 2 Rue
    • "L'état" on the mixtape Poésie Urbainz Vol.2
  • 2007:
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Brûlez tout" on the compilation Écoute la rue Marianne
    • Stomy Bugsy - "Tolérance zéro" (Zero Tolerance) on the compilation Explicit Politik
    • Seth Gueko feat. Stomy Bugzy - "Lève toi et braque" on the compilation Self Défense
  • 2008:
    • Stomy Bugzy, feat. SMS - "Click" on the album by SMS Click la ruée vers l'or
    • Stomy Bugzy, feat. Booba, Lino, Dieudonné, Lady Laistee, Hamed Daye & Sofiane - "Code noir" ("Code Black")
    • Stomy Bugzy, feat. Dobe As and Driver - "Miss Mec" on the compilation Bandana Music
    • SÄ Remix feat. Samsey and Driver - "Mous'sä Well Maiky"
    • "Come Back" Remix feat Pit Bacardi
  • 2011:
    • Stomy Bugsy feat Aelpéacha et Real Chanty - "Au Soleil" on the album Val 2 Marne Rider II


  • Ma 6-T va crack-er (1996) (My hood will crack-er)
  • Beauté Fatale (2000) (Fatal Beauty)
  • De l'amour (2000) (About love)
  • Pretty Things (2001)
  • Le Boulet (2001) (The drag)
  • 3 zéros (2001) (3 zeros)
  • Le Fleuve (2002) (The River)
  • Gomez et Tavarès [fr] (2003) (Gomez and Tavares)
  • Nèg maron (2004) (The concealed man)
  • Frappes interdide
  • The Best of Times (2006)
  • Gomez Contre Tavares (2007) (Gomez versus Tavares)
  • Sang Froid (2007) (Cool)
  • Aliker (2008)
  • Bye Bye Blondie (2011)


  • Frappes interdites (2005)
  • Anna Meyer (Anna Meyer, assistante de choc) (2006)
  • La Glisse (2011)
  • Falco (2015)


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