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Coordinates: 53°24.9′N 2°09.1′W / 53.4150°N 2.1517°W / 53.4150; -2.1517

Portwood railway station is located in Stockport railways
Portwood railway station
Location within Stockport's historical rail network

Portwood railway station was a railway station in Stockport, England on the Stockport and Woodley Junction Railway (later becoming part of Cheshire Lines Committee) Glazebrook to Woodley line. It opened on 1 December 1865,[1] closed to passengers on 1 September 1875,[1][2] and remained in use as a coal depot until 25 April 1966.[2]

Today no trace of the station remains, the site being buried under a slip road of the M60 motorway.[2]


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