Stephen M. Irwin

Stephen M Irwin (born December, 1966) is an Australian screenwriter, producer and novelist,[1] best known for Harrow (2018) and Secrets & Lies (2014).


Irwin was born in Brisbane, Queensland and is the second youngest of six children. He graduated from the Queensland College of Art with tertiary qualifications in Film and Television production. [2] Irwin continues to live in Brisbane and centres many of his stories in fictionalised Brisbane settings.

Films & TelevisionEdit

Title Date Medium Notes
Harrow Season 2[3] 2019 TV Series - ABC/ABCSi. Writer/Producer. Starring Ioan Gruffudd, Jolene Anderson
Tidelands[4] 2018 TV Series - Netflix Writer. Starring Charlotte Best, Mattias Inwood, Aaron Jakubenko, Elsa Pataky, Peter O'Brien
Harrow Season 1[5] 2018 TV Series - ABC/ABCSi. Writer/Producer. Starring Ioan Gruffudd, Mirrah Foulkes Remy Hii
Wake in Fright[6] 2017 TV Mini-Series Writer. Silver World Medal – New York Festivals Film & Television Awards (2018)[7]
Australia Day[8] 2017 Feature - Foxtel Writer. Starring Bryan Brown, Shari Sebbens, Isabelle Cornish, Sean Keenan, Daniel Webber, Matthew Le Nevez.
Secrets & Lies (U.S. TV series) 2015–2016 TV Series Based upon the Australian television series created by Stephen M. Irwin. Starring Ryan Phillippe, Juliette Lewis, KaDee Strickland, Michael Ealy.
Secrets & Lies (Australian TV series)[9] 2014 TV Series Writer. Starring Martin Henderson, Anthony Hayes. Australian Writers Guild AWGIE Winner– Interactive Media (2015)[10]
Ascension[11] 2008 Short Writer/Director. (Best Short, Sci-Fi-London 2008[12])
Car Pool[13] 2006 Short Writer. Starring Kerry Armstrong. (Best Comedy, St Kilda Short Film Festival 2007[14]
Black Fury 2005 Short Writer/Director.
The Kool-Sla Cover-up[15] 2003 TV Drama Writer/Director. SBS (S)truth.
Boggo Road 4102[16] 2001 Documentary Writer/Director.
Boulia 4829[17] 2000 Documentary Writer/Director.


Irwin is the author of two supernatural thrillers The Dead Path (2010)[18] and The Broken Ones (2011).[19] The Dead Path was named Top Horror Title in the American Library Association's 2011 reading list[20] and won the Doubleday Book of the Month Club First Fiction Award 2010.[21]

Short Stories & PoetryEdit

Irwin has written several short stories and poems, winning awards both Australia and overseas including The Write Stuff and New Millennium Writings.[22]

Title Year Medium Publication Notes
24/7[23] 2013 Short Story Anthology - A Killer Among Demons Dark Prints Press
Surprise[24] 2013 Short Story Anthology - Warbirds of Mars Quickdraw Books
Tail the Barney 2011 Short Story Anthologies - Rage Against the Night;[25] New Millennium Writings
Hive[26] 2013 Short Story Anthology - Macabre - A Journey Through Australia's Darkest Fears Winner, Book of the Month Club First Fiction Award (2011)
Bones of the Hill 2007 Poetry Anthology - eclouges Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology
The Jet 2005 Poetry Anthology - sunweight Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology
She Lay Among Diamonds 2005 Short Story N/A Winner, Katherine Susannah Pritchard Short Story Award
Emily's Breath 2005 Short Story N/A Winner, Easter Writer's Group Short Story Competition


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