Stephen Globus

Stephen Globus is a New York City venture capitalist who is third generation from a prominent banking family. He is currently a founder and director of China Biopharmaceuticals Holdings, which is a major medical company in China. He was a founding shareholder of Genitope Corporation which is a San Francisco-area biotechnology company that designs custom treatments for cancer, including a vaccine to treat lymphoma.

Globus also was founder and chairman of PlasmaCo[1] which developed color plasma television and sold to Osaka based Matsushita (Panasonic) in 1996. Globus was on the Japanese Board of Directors for the proceeding 7 years after the sale. His other ventures activities include key investment or managerial roles in Proscure (sold to Repligen), ExSar, Kimeragen which sold to a Paris-based company whose board Globus served on, Energy Research (Fuel Cell Energy), Nematron, and Tinsley Laboratories which developed the optic correction for Hubble Space Telescope now a division of the Dutch company ASML .

Globus holds patents on panoramic cameras called the Globuscope and optics. Globus is a founder of Globus Studios in Central Manhattan. He is patron of the arts with associations such as Japan Society of New York and China Institute in America.


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