Stellar Corpses

Stellar Corpses is a psychobilly horror punk band formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2005 by singer and guitarist, Dusty Grave and upright bassist Dan Lamothe. Their sound and style combine elements of punk, rockabilly, gothic rock, metal and rock and roll. Since their formation, Stellar Corpses have continued to tour both in the US as well as internationally.[1]

Stellar Corpses
OriginSanta Cruz, California, United States
GenresHorror Rock, Psychobilly, horror punk, punk, rock
Years active(2005–present)
LabelsBatcave Records
Santa Carla Records
Chapter 11 Records
Associated acts AFI, Tiger Army, Rezurex, BAT!
MembersDusty Grave - Vocals
Jack Cash - Guitar / backing vocals
Michael Maniacal - electric & upright bass
Todd Bowen - Drums

Previously, Dusty played upright bass in Santa Cruz Rockabilly band, but had also been writing songs for a Harder, Darker side Project. In 2005, Stellar Corpses, which means "Dead Stars"[2] played their first show on Halloween of that year.

In addition to touring to promote their studio releases, Stellar Corpses have shared the stage many acts including Nekromantix, Tiger Army,[3] The Misfits, Agent Orange, Michale Graves, Hollywood Undead, 45 Grave, Swingin' Utters and The Damned.

Since their inception they have released records through Hairball 8 Records, FiendForce Records, Chapter 11 Records and Batcave Records.

Their music has also been featured in the television series Road Trip Masters.[4]

Singer Dusty Grave also plays upright bass for the band BAT! signed to Cleopatra Records and plays lead guitar for Rezurex.

Respect the Dead EPEdit

Stellar Corpses' first EP, Respect The Dead, was independently released in 2007 on their own label, Santa Carla Records, named after "The Lost Boys" (1987) filmed in their hometown, Santa Cruz. The EP was recorded at The Compound Recording Studios in Santa Cruz by Joe Clements (Singer of Fury 66). Stellar Corpses is said to have made an immediate impact in their genre with songs such as “Cemetery Man” and “Leave A Stellar Corpse.”[5]

Welcome to the NightmareEdit

Following a five-week European tour with Rezurex, Stellar Corpses released their first full-length album in 2009 entitled, "Welcome to the Nightmare" named after an underground psychobilly zine from Santa Cruz.[6] The album was released in 2009 on Santa Carla Records in the US and FiendForce Records in Germany. The album has been called a "deadly delight" and is said to feature more of the band's influences, without losing any of the power and fury of their debut EP[7] as well as "a competent, driven, and ultimately rather enjoyable take on the narrowly defined genre".[8]

Vampire KissEdit

On Halloween 2011, Stellar Corpses released the single "Vampire Kiss" which debuted at No. 9 on the alternative radio charts Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and F.M.B.Q. and hosted a music video premiere at The Viper Room in Hollywood.[9] The music video for "Vampire Kiss", directed by Justin Janowitz[10] stars Alycia Paulsen and features cameos by Hunter Burgan of the band AFI and producer Joe McGrath as vampires.[11] The video was filmed on location at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and at Bethel Encino Church in the city of Encino.

Dead Stars Drive-InEdit

January 2012 saw the release of the band's second full-length album, "Dead Stars Drive-In" produced, engineered and mixed by Joe McGrath[12] who also had a hand in engineering and/or producing albums for Green Day, Blink 182, AFI, Tiger Army and Alkaline Trio. The title track is an homage to the "dead stars" of Hollywood including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bela Lugosi and Maila Nurmi, also known as Vampira. The songs "Vampire Kiss", "Evil Dead" and "Dead Stars Drive-In" feature backing vocals from Hunter Burgan (AFI bassist). "Be Still My Heart" features sound design by Jade Puget (AFI guitarist). “Twisted Fantasy” features guest vocals by Michale Graves (former Misfits singer).

Batcave RecordsEdit

In late 2016 Stellar Corpses lead singer Dusty Grave co-founded Batcave Records with Rene De La Muerte from the Canadian psychobilly band The Brains. The record label is home for Stellar Corpses and The Brains as well as The Thirsty Crows and more up-and-coming bands in the genre.[13]

Hellbound Heart EPEdit

In 2018 Batcave Records co-produced the five song EP "Hellbound Heart"[14][1] which featured Jimmy Calabrese of Calabrese on the title track.[15]


  • Dusty Grave - Vocals
  • Jack Cash - Guitar/backing vocals
  • Michael Maniacal - Bass (electric & upright)
  • Todd Bowen - Drums

Former MembersEdit

  • Randy Moore- Guitar
  • Jacklyn Paulette - Guitar
  • Kyle Moore - Drums
  • Poison - Drums
  • Emilio Menze - Guitar
  • Matt Macabre - Drums
  • Mr. Grim - Guitar
  • Skye Vaughan-Jayne - Guitar
  • Daniel Lamothe - Upright Bass


Studio albumsEdit

  • Welcome to the Nightmare (2008)
  • Dead Stars Drive-In] (2012)


  • "Vampire Kiss" (2011)


  • Respect The Dead EP (2006)
  • Hellbound Heart EP (2018)


  • Psycho Ward 2 - "Dr. Plainfield" (2008)
  • Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction · Vol. 98 - "Teenage Witchcraft" (2009)[16]
  • Ox-Compilation 85 - "Love Like This" (2009)[17]
  • The Sound Of Horror Vol. 1 - "My Shadow" (2010)
  • Psychomania No.7 - "Cemetery Man" (2010)
  • Psycho Sounds Of The Underground - "Can't Keep A Good Corpse Down" (2011)[18]
  • HorrorHound Presents: It's Only a Movie - "Power of the Night" (2016)[19]


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