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Stefan Schwartz (born 1 May 1963) is an English and Canadian film and television director, writer and actor,[1][2] most known for the feature film Shooting Fish[3] and his work on the BBC's Spooks and Luther, AMC's The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead as well as Showtime's Dexter.

Stefan Schwartz
Born (1963-05-01) 1 May 1963 (age 56)
London, England
OccupationFilm director, television director, producer, actor, writer
Director Stefan Schwartz


Stefan Schwartz teamed up with Richard Holmes at The University of York and formed The Gruber Brothers. The duo made a number of films together including, Bonded, broadcast on BBC 2, and the award-winning short The Lake starring Frances Barber. Stefan made his feature film debut with Soft Top Hard Shoulder (1992) starring Peter Capaldi and Phyllis Logan, which went on to win two BAFTAs in Scotland and the London Film Festival's prestigious audience award. Building on this success in 1995 he directed Giving Tongue, shown as part of BBC2′s Wicked Women series and in 1997 wrote and directed Shooting Fish, a crime-caper comedy starring Kate Beckinsale which won several awards and made over twenty million dollars worldwide.

He then signed a three-year deal to write and direct for Miramax and wrote screenplays for them, teaming up with notable producers such as Laurence Bender and Jennifer and Suzanne Todd before directing The Abduction Club (2002) for Pathe Films.

His next film as writer/director was the romantic comedy The Best Man starring Stuart Townsend, Amy Smart and Seth Green in 2005.

In television he directed Hustle, the award winning Spooks and The Ghost Train for Lynda La Plante before moving on to the season finale of the ground-breaking series, Luther, for the BBC. In the US he has directed several episodes of the critically acclaimed Crash with Dennis Hopper, joined the Starz series Camelot, which he directed for and also co-executive produced, and directed for the much praised Dexter series.

After finishing Being Human for Syfy Stefan directed in the final season of House and worked in New York on White Collar. He then went back to Showtime for another episode of Dexter.

Autumn 2012 he worked in Paris with Jean Reno on the series Jo, before travelling to Atlanta to shoot The Walking Dead for which he won Online Film & Television Association - Television Award - Best Direction in a Drama Series for The Walking Dead.

Early 2013 he directed the mid-season finale of ABC's hit show Revenge, then went back to work on the final season of Dexter.

AMC then asked him back to direct Low Winters Sun in Detroit before heading back to New York to shoot the season opener of White Collar. From there to Pittsburgh to direct Chloe Sevigny and James Darcy in Those Who Kill, and then to South Africa to shoot the first episode of Black Sails for Starz, (second season).

In 2014 he started the year in New York on The Americans then worked with Diane Kruger on The Bridge. He won the OFTA Television Award for Best Direction in a Drama Series – The walking Dead.

Summer 2014 he completed an episode of the new Starz show called Flesh and Bone set in the world of ballet and written by Adam Rapp and Moira Walley-Beckett. Then Power.

2015 Back to Cape Town for two episodes of Black Sails' 'with some of the most complex action/vfx sequences on television.

Then the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Finished up the year in New York on The Americans

Started 2016 on season two Fear the Walking Dead and went on to do part one of the season finale. Then travelled to New York for the season premiere of Power and returned to The Americans after its huge EMMY success.

2017 Returning to Fear the Walking Dead for three episodes including the second half premiere. Then the premiere of Power. Then to Rome to shoot a movie called "Us".

2018 New York for the penultimate ep of the final season of The Americans then to Ireland and a new syfy/Netflix show called Nightflyers. From there to The Boys for Amazon, Pearson for USA [[NOS4A2 (TV series)|NOS4A2] for AMC

2019 Shot the pilot of NBC Universal/ CBC show The Fortunate Son. Then back to The Boys


As directorEdit

  • Soft Top, Hard Shoulder
  • Giving Tongue
  • Shooting Fish
  • The Abduction Club
  • The Best Man
  • Hustle
  • Spooks/MI-5
  • Crash
  • Trial & Retribution
  • Luther (2010)
  • Camelot (2011)
  • Dexter (2011–13)
  • Being Human (2011)
  • House (2012)
  • White Collar (2012–13)
  • Jo (2012)
  • The Walking Dead (2012)
  • Revenge (2012)
  • Low Winter's Sun (2013)
  • Those Who Kill (2013)
  • Black Sails (2013)
  • The Americans (2014–15)
  • The Bridge (2014)
  • Flesh and Bone (2014)
  • Power (2014)
  • Black Sails (2015)
  • Fear the Walking Dead (2015–16)
  • Power (2016)
  • The Americans (2016)
  • Fear the Walking Dead - three episodes (2017)
  • Power (2017)
  • Us (2017) – Feature film
  • The Americans (2018)
  • Nightflyers (2018)
  • The Boys (2018)
  • Pearson (2018)
  • NOS4A2 (2019)
  • ‘’The Boys’’ (2019)
  • ’’The Fortunate Son’’ - pilot (2019)


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