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Stefan Mossor

Stefan Mossor (23 October 1896, Kraków - 22 September 1957) was a Polish general. Member of the Polish Legions. 1928 - 1930 studied at École Supérieure de Guerre in Paris. In the Second Polish Republic he reached the rank of the lieutenant colonel. Taken prisoner by the Germans during the invasion of Poland.

Upon discovery of the Katyn massacre of Polish officers in the Soviet Union in 1943, Mossor still a POW was brought by the Germans to witness the opening of the mass graves. Upon this visit in August 1943, Mossor made a report for the Polish Commander in Chief general Kazimierz Sosnkowski.

Joined the Polish People's Army after the war in 1945; he was nominated deputy chief of the general staff. Mossor was involved in the Operation Vistula. During the era of stalinization of Poland, he was arrested and sentenced in the Trial of the Generals. Imprisoned for life in Wronki Prison, he was released and rehabilitated in 1956.