Stausee-Rundfahrt Klingnau

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The Stausee Rundfahrt-Klingnau (English: Tour of Stausee Klingnau) is a road bicycle race held annually in Klingnau in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland. Since 2005, it has been organised as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour, although since 2006 it hasn't been held.

Stausee-Rundfahrt Klingnau
DateLate March
RegionAargau, Switzerland
English nameTour of Stausee Klingnau
Local name(s)Stausee-Rundfahrt Klingnau (in German)
CompetitionUCI Europe Tour
OrganiserVC Klingnau
First edition1949 (1949)
Editions55 (as of 2005)
First winner Fritz Zbinden (SUI)
Most wins Gilbert Glaus (SUI) (4 wins)
Most recent Danilo Napolitano (ITA)


Year Country Rider Team
1949    Switzerland Fritz Zbinden
1950    Switzerland Franz Lustenberger
1951    Switzerland Fritz Zbinden
1952    Switzerland Carlo Lafranchi
1953   Italy Remo Pianezzi
1954 No race
1955    Switzerland Harry Müller
1956    Switzerland Roman Brunner
1957    Switzerland Hans Schleuniger
1958    Switzerland Erwin Jaisli
1959 No race
1960    Switzerland Walter Signer
1961    Switzerland Werner Bernet
1962    Switzerland Gilbert Villars
1963    Switzerland Werner Weber
1964    Switzerland Auguste Girard
1965    Switzerland Hans Stadelmann
1966    Switzerland Leone Scurio
1967   Germany Herbert Mayer
1968    Switzerland René Rutschmann
1969    Switzerland Roberto Puttini
1970    Switzerland Pietro Poloni
1971    Switzerland John Hugentobler
1972    Switzerland René Savary
1973   Belgium Yvan Ronsse
1974    Switzerland Pietro Ugolini
1975    Switzerland Roland Salm
1976    Switzerland Urs Berger
1977    Switzerland Fritz Jost
1978   Netherlands Gerrit Moehlmann
1979    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1980    Switzerland Marcel Summermatter
1981    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1982    Switzerland Erich Mächler
1983    Switzerland Benno Wiss
1984    Switzerland Benno Wiss
1985    Switzerland Remo Gugole
1986    Switzerland Thomas Wegmüller
1987    Switzerland Kurt Steinmann
1988    Switzerland Rolf Järmann
1989    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1990    Switzerland Roland Baltisser
1991    Switzerland Simone Pedrazzini
1992    Switzerland Gilbert Glaus
1993    Switzerland Roland Meier
1994    Switzerland Armin Meier
1995    Switzerland Philipp Buschor
1996   Germany Andreas Lebsanft
1997    Switzerland Niki Aebersold
1998    Switzerland Markus Zberg
1999   Germany Torsten Nitsche
2000    Switzerland Martin Elmiger
2001   Latvia Andris Naudužs
2002   Italy Massimo Strazzer
2003   Slovenia Uros Murn
2004   Latvia Andris Naudužs
2005   Italy Danilo Napolitano

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