The State Mufti (Malay: Mufti Kerajaan) is the most senior and most influential Sunni Muslim Ulema (religious and legal authority) in Brunei. The holder of the position is appointed by the Sultan of Brunei. The State Mufti is the head of the all Ulema in Brunei.

State Mufti Office

State Mufti Office in 2023
Agency overview
Formed1 September 1994
HeadquartersBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Employeesapproximately 1,000
Annual budgetBN$ 260 million
Agency executive
Parent agencyPrime Minister's Office
Child agency

Role edit

The State Mufti is the most senior religious authority in the country. His main role is to give opinions (fatwas) on legal matters and on social affairs base on Islamic Koran, Hadeeth, Qiyas and Ijma' of Ulema.[1]

History edit

The first State Mufti of Brunei was Ismail Omar Abdul Aziz from 1962 to 1965. He had been Mufti of Johore in Malaysia. In 1967, Ismail again became Brunei's State Mufti until his death. In 1994, Brunei-born Vice State Mufti Abdul Aziz Juned became the country's State Mufti.[2]

State Mufti edit

Portrait Minister Term start Term end Time in office Ref.
Ismail Omar Abdul Aziz 1 April 1962 31 March 1965 2 years, 364 days [3]
8 March 1967 3 February 1994 26 years, 332 days
Abdul Aziz Juned 1 September 1994 Incumbent 29 years, 96 days [4]

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