Stary Olsa (Belarusian: Стары Ольса) is a Belarusian medieval folk band, that plays medieval Ruthenian music of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[1] The band has also released classical rock cover works in their Medieval Classic Rock where classical rock songs performed by bagpipes.

Stary Olsa
Stary Olsa, Lviv 2008.JPG
Background information
Genresmedieval folk music, classical rock
Years active1999–present
MembersŹmicier Sasnoŭski
Maryja Šaryj
Aleś Čumakoŭ
Illia Kublicki
Siarhiej Tapčeŭski
Aliaksiej Vojciech
Past membersAndrej Apanovič
Aksana Kaścian
Kaciaryna Radziviłava
Kaciaryna Pinčuk

Stary Olsa is one of the few Belarusian bands enjoying popularity outside Belarus.[2] The band has received numerous positive critical reviews.[3] They are also known for covering modern rock tracks using their medieval instruments, and released a cover album, via a Kickstarter campaign, in 2016.[4][5]

The band was founded in 1999 by Źmicier Sasnoŭski.[1] The name Stary Olsa means "Old Olsa", where Olsa is a left tributary of Berezina in Mogilev Oblast, Belarus.[1][6]




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