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Fabrika Zvyozd (Russian: Фабрика звёзд, literally Star Factory) was a popular Russian television talent show that aired on Channel One from 2002 until 2007. It was the Russian version of the Endemol format Operación Triunfo. In 2011, the show announced that it would be returning with an eighth, "All-Star" season and in 2012 for the ninth season with the format "Star Factory: Russia-Ukraine". The programme then went on a hiatus for five years before relaunching the tenth season in 2017 broadcast on Muz-TV. Nine out of the ten season were hosted by Yana Churikova and one by Ksenia Sobchak.

Fabrika Zvyozd
Фабрика звёзд
GenreTalent show
Created byEndemol
Based onOperacion Triunfo
Creative directorsIgor Matvienko (series 1; 5; 8-9)
Maxim Fadeev (series 2; 5; 9)
Alexander Shulgin (series 3)
Igor Krutoy (series 4; 8-9)
Alla Pugacheva (series 5)
Viktor Drobysh (series 6; 8-10)
Valery Meladze (series 7)
Konstantin Meladze (series 7-9)
Natalia Mohylevska (series 9)
Presented byYana Churikova (series 1-9)
Ksenia Sobchak (series 10)
Opening themeKruto ty popal na TV
ComposerIgor Matvienko
Country of origin Russia
Original languageRussian
No. of seasons10
Original networkPervyi Kanal (series 1-9)
Muz-TV (series 10)
Picture format4:3 (series 1-7)
16:9 (series 8-10)
Audio formatmono (series 1-3)
stereo (series 3-10)
Original releaseOctober 13, 2002 (2002-10-13) –
December 16, 2017 (2017-12-16)

Fabrika Zvyozd, meaning Star Factory, honoured its name in Russia. From the contestants, called "fabrikanty" (Russian: фабриканты), many have established successful careers in the Russian-language music world. The show's alumni include Polina Gagarina, Fabrika, Zara, Irina Dubtsova, Timati, Yulia Savicheva, Natalia Podolskaya, Dmitry Koldun, Anastasia Prikhodko, and Elena Temnikova. The show also had a tight connection with the Eurovision Song Contest. In total, seven past fabrikanty sang at the contest at some stage between 2004 and 2019.

Throughout its runtime, Fabrika Zvyozd was successful in its ratings. In 2006, the series was so popular that producers decided to prolong the season with one whole month midseries. This decision was regarded controversial, because contestants had to stay inside the house against their wishes for an extra month.[1] The 2017 series was less successful in its ratings and finished its final with a market share of 1.3%.[2]


Similarily to Operación Triunfo, in Fabrika Zvyozd a selection of young potential musical stars is boarded in a house together. In this house, they are constantly monitored by cameras, an idea borrowed from another of Endemol's major reality shows Big Brother). In the house, they are "produced" or "manufactured" by an important Russian producer to become household names in the Russian music world once the show is over.[3] Once a week, the contestants have to face a prime time television show, where they sing a cover version of a popular song they have prepared, their own new single or a duet with a famous artist. The live shows often feature special guest stars, with whom some of the contestants have the opportunity to interract. Based on the viewer voting and the contestants' own verdict, the weakest contestant is dropped each week until a handful remain for a final show.

Series overviewEdit

First season (2002)Edit

Contestant Age Origin Episode of elimination Place finished
Pavel Artemiev 19 Olomouc Final Winner as part of Korni
Aleksandr Astashenok 20 Orenburg
Aleksandr Berdnikov 21 Ashgabat
Aleksei Kabanov 19 Moscow
Sati Kazanova 20 Verkhny Kurkuzhin Runner-up as part of Fabrika
Irina Toneva 25 Krasnoznamensk
Aleksandra Savelyeva 18 Moscow
Maria Alalykina 19 Moscow
Mikhail Grebenshikov 26 Voronezh 3rd
Yulia Buzhilova 19 Kyiv 9th concert 10th
Ekaterina Shemyakina 23 Moscow 7th concert 11th
Konstantin Dudoladov 31 Nakhodka 6th concert 12th
Nikolay Burlak 28 Perm 5th concert 13th
Anna Kulikova 20 Moscow 4th concert 14th
Zhanna Cherukhina 19 St. Petersburg Withdrew[a]
Sherif Musa (JAM) 27 Ifo 3rd concert 16th
Gera Tuzikov (Gera Levi) 17 Tolyatti 2nd concert 17th
  1. ^ Cherukhina became the only contestant to have withdrawn from Fabrika Zvyozd during its screening.[4] In the week between the third and fourth concert, Cherukhina packed her things and left the house unexpectedly, stating that the show "didn't work" for her.[5]

Producer: Igor Matvienko

Second season (2003)Edit

Contestant Age Origin Episode of elimination Place finished
Polina Gagarina 15 Moscow Final Winner
Yelena Terleyeva 17 Surgut Runner-up
Elena Temnikova 17 Kurgan 3rd
Maria Rzhevskaya 15 Moscow Semi-final 4th
Yulia Savicheva 16 Kurgan 5th
Kristian Leinich 21 Ukhta 12th concert 6th
Irakliy Pirzhalava 25 Moscow 11th concert 7th
Pierre Narcisse 26 Cameroon 10th concert 8th
Aleksei Semyonov 27 Nizhniy Novgorod 9th concert 9th
Marianna Belezkaya 20 Moscow 8th concert 10th
Dmitriy Praskov'in 18 Tolyatti 7th concert 11th
Evgeniya Rasskazova 23 Novosibirsk 6th concert 12th
Gennadiy Lagutin 22 Udmurtia 5th concert 13th
Mikhail Reshetnikov 20 Moscow 4th concert 14th
Yuliya Volkova 20 Ostrogozhsk 3rd concert 15th
Dmitriy Astashenok 17 Orenburg 2nd concert 16th

Producer: Maxim Fadeev

Third season (2003)Edit

Contestant Age Origin Episode of elimination Place finished
Nikita Malinin 22 Moscow Final Winner
Aleksandr Kireev 22 Alushta Runner-up
Yulia Mikhalchik 18 Slantsy 3rd
Svetlana Svetikova 19 Moscow Semi-final 4th
Ruslan Kurik 23 Jūrmala 5th
Irina Ortman 25 Semipalatinsk 12th concert 6th
Dmitry Golubev 18 Ivanovo 11th concert 7th
Lesya Yaroslavskaya 22 Severomorsk 10th concert 8th
Roman Barsukov 19 Tulun 9th concert 9th
Sofiya Kuzmina 18 Moscow 8th concert 10th
Mariya Veber 16 Mytishchi 7th concert 11th
Oleg Dobrynin 27 Moscow 6th concert 12th
Irina Zhelnova 26 Ulyanovsk 5th concert 13th
Anastasia Krainova 20 Gvardeysk 4th concert 14th
Nikolay Slichenko Jr. 17 Moscow 3rd concert 15th
Ksenia Valeeva 21 Kursk 2nd concert 16th

Producer: Alexander Shulgin

Fourth season (2004)Edit

  • Irina Dubtsova (winner)
  • Anton Zatsepin (second place)
  • Stas Piekha (third place)
  • Timati
  • Nataliya Korshunova
  • Ivan Breusov
  • Aleksandr Breslavskiy (Dominick Joker)
  • Anastasia Kochetkova
  • Nadezhda Igoshina
  • Nataliya Polyanskaya
  • Victoria Bogoslavskaya
  • Evgeniya Volkonskaya
  • Yuriy Titov
  • Anton Yampolskiy (Paul)
  • Ratmir Shishkov
  • Aleksandra Chvikova (Aleksa)
  • Yaroslav Illarionov
  • Ksenia Larina

Producer: Igor Krutoy

Fifth season (2004)Edit

Contestant Age Origin Episode of elimination Place finished
Victoria Dayneko 17 Kirovskiy Final Winner
Ruslan Masyukov 21 Tver Runner-up
Mikhail Veselov 25 Moscow 3rd
Natalia Podolskaya 22 Mogilev
Yulianna Karaulova 16 Moscow 5th
Elena Kukarskaya (Elena Sergeevna) 20 Tyumen
Aleksandra Balakireva 17 Moscow
Miguel 22 Khimki
Irson Kudikova 22 Moscow
Darya Klushnikova 14 Voronezh 10th concert 10th
Mike Mironenko 17 Magdeburg 9th concert 11th
Konstantin Legostaev 28 Leningrad 8h concert 12th
Lerika Golubeva 23 Šiauliai 7th concert 13th
Andrey Shumskiy 26 Voronezh 6th concert 14th
Aksinya Verzhak 17 Rostov-on-Don 4th concert 15th
Elena Kaufmann 22 Moscow 3rd concert 16th
Kirill Garnik 21 Odessa 2nd concert 17th
Radion Zabolotskiy (Roger) 22 Yermak 1st concert 18th

Producers: Alla Pugacheva, Igor Matvienko, Maxim Fadeev

Sixth season (2006)Edit

Contestant Age Residence Episode of elimination Place finished
Dmitry Koldun 20 Minsk Final Winner
Arseniy Borodin 17 Barnaul Runner-up
Zara 22 St. Petersburg 3rd
Prokhor Chaliapin 22 Moscow 4th
Alexandra Gurkova 17 Samara 5th
Roman Arkhipov 21 Moscow 14th concert 6th
Denis Petrov 21 Mozdok 13th concert 7th
Viktoria Kolesnikova 17 Nizhniy Novgorod 12th concert 8th
Sogdiana Fedorinskaya 22 Tashkent 11th concert 9th
Mila Kulikova 21 Moscow 10th concert 10th
Aleksey Korzin 19 Apatity 9th concert 11th
Anastasiya Shevchenko 21 Rostov-on-Don 8h concert 12th
Sabrina 17 Rostov-on-Don 5th concert 13th
Yuliya Lysenko 16 Moscow 4th concert 14th
Olga Voronina 23 Dnepropetrovsk 3rd concert 15th
Aleksey Khorostyan 22 Moscow 2nd concert 16th
Arina Ryzhenkova 18 Moscow 1st concert 17th

Producer: Viktor Drobysh

Seventh season (2007)Edit

The seventh season was sponsored by singer Alla Pugacheva, together with Maxim Galkin and Verka Serduchka.

  • Anastasia Prikhodko (winner)
  • Mark Tishmann (second place)
  • Yin-Yang (third place)
    • Yulia Parshuta
    • Sergey Ashikhmin
    • Artyom Ivanov
    • Tatyana Bogacheva
  • BiS (third place)
  • Gergiy Ivashenko (Pups)
  • Alexei Kuznetzov (Aleksei Svetlov)
  • Margarita Gerasimovich (Dakota)
  • Korneliya Donato Mango
  • Nataliya Tumshevits
  • Ekaterina Zipina
  • Anna Kolodko
  • Phil Chinyanga (Phil Yang)


  • Elena Mizuk
  • Vitaliy Chirva
  • Leonid Panov
  • Yulia Zemskaya

Producers: Konstantin Meladze, Valery Meladze

Eighth season (2011)Edit

On March 12, 2011, a project called "Фабрика звёзд. Возвращение" (literally "Star Factory. Returning" was launched. It was not strictly competition of new talent, but rather competition between earlier graduates and finalists from previous Star Factory seasons.

The eighth season included four composers that had previously produced a season of the show: Igor Matvienko (one and five), Igor Krutoi (four), Victor Drobysh (four and six), and Konstantin Meladze (seven). Each composer had three singers that they had previously produced for.

Igor Matvienko

  • Fabrika
  • Victoria Dayneko
  • Korni

Igor Krutoi

  • Anastasia Kochetkova
  • Dominick Joker
  • Irina Dubcova

Victor Drobysh

  • Zara
  • Natalia Podolskaya
  • Chelsea

Konstantin Meladze


  • Victoria Dayneko (first)
  • Chelsea (second)
  • Irina Dubcova (third)
  • Mark Tishmann (Producer's Award)

Ninth season (2012)Edit

In 2012, there was a continuation of the 2011 project called "Star Factory: Russia-Ukraine", in which the best graduates of the Russian and Ukrainian versions of the "Factory" competed.

National Team of Russia

  • Polina Gagarina
  • Victoria Dayneko
  • Dominik Joker
  • Dmitriy Koldun
  • Vlad Sokolovskiy

National Team of Ukraine

Producers: Igor Matvienko, Maxim Fadeev, Igor Krutoy, Viktor Drobysh, Konstantin Meladze, Natalia Mohylevska

Tenth season (2017)Edit

After a hiatus from 2012 to 2017, a new 10th season was launched on Muz-TV. The premiere took place on September 2, 2017 [13]. The main show ran on Saturdays with diaries of the project broadcast on weekdays from Monday to Friday at three time slots per day. The show would be rebroadcast on Saturdays and Sundays on the alternative U channel (repetitions of the reporting concerts are broadcast on Saturdays at 11:00 and on Sundays at 22:00 on the "U" channel (Ю in Russian).

  • Andrey Beletskiy
  • Radoslava Boguslavskaya
  • Elvira Brashchenkova
  • Maria Budnitskaya
  • Samvel Vardanyan
  • Lolita Voloshina
  • Daniil Danilevskiy
  • Marta Zhdanuyk
  • Elman Zeynalov
  • Vladimir Idiatullin
  • Nikita Kuznetsov
  • Zinaida Kupriyanovich (Zina Kupriyanovich)
  • Anna Saltykova (Anna Mun)
  • Daniil Ruvinskiy
  • Ulyana Sinetskaya
  • Evgeniy Trofimov
  • Gusel Khasanova

Producer: Victor Drobysh

Criticism, incidents and scandalsEdit

Throughout and especially after its runtime, Fabrika Zvyozd has received a large number of criticism. Russian composer and rock singer Alexander Gradsky was an early critic of the show, as well as Diana Arbenina.[6]

Accusations of viewer deceptionEdit

Several past fabrikanty and viewers have accused the show of being fake. In 2012, season two producer Maxim Fadeev revealed that Yelena Terleyeva had actually won the season but the producers preferred that Polina Gagarina would be crowned as the winner as she was "bright, prideful and spoke several languages".[7]

2006 winner Dmitry Koldun said that producers initiated fights between contestants in the house. Next to that, Koldun stated that there had been only one vocal class in the whole sixteen weeks he spent at Fabrika Zvyozd, and that the producers used fragments of that one class throughout the series to deceive viewers that there were regular classes.[8] Rita Dakota, who finished fourth in the seventh series, called the house "a prison" and said everything about the house they lived in was fake.[9] During the live final of the sixth season, producer Viktor Drobysh promised all five finalists to give them 100,000 rubles (equivalent to $4,800.86 in 2021) each, but in the end, he did not pay.[10]

In season six, a contestant named Prokhor Chaliapin made heads turn, telling audiences that he was a descedant of Feodor Chaliapin. In the end, this didn't turn out to be true. In 2013, it was revealed that Prokhor was neither a Chaliapin nor a Prokhor as his real name was revealed to be Andrei Zakharenkov.[11][12] However, prior to applying to Fabrika Zvyozd, Zakharenkov had legally changed his name to Prokhor Chaliapin.[13]

The show has received criticism for its extensive use for playback, including for the contestants that took part. Most of the songs that were performed on the stage were playbacked with prerecorded and edited vocals.[14][15]

Accusations of nepotismEdit

Fabrika Zvyozd has also received criticism for nepotism. Several contestants have been said to have been admitted to the show based on the fact that they had connections to the producers at that time.[16]

Yulia Savicheva, who was a fabrikant in 2003, publicly admitted that she was promised a place on the show by producer Maxim Fadeev as they knew each other from previous efforts.[17]

In the third season of 2003, one of the finalists of the show, Yulia Mikhailchik was revealed to be a romantic relantionship with the season's producer Alexander Shulgin since already before the show. During the show, Shulgin gave her more solo songs than any other contestant.[18]

Poor treatment of contestantsEdit

In the fourth season of 2004, there was a food restriction on several female contestants who had started to gain weight.[19]

In season 7, Rita Dakota was told "not to cry" and "not to downpour the mood in the house" after a family member had suddenly passed away. Dakota also spoke of a female contestant being harrased by other contestants for her skin colour and that the producers did not do anything about this.[20]

In the tour that followed the sixth and seventh series, artists were reportedly underpaid and had to sustain in poor conditions. Several times, there was no place for the artists to sleep on tour and the tour managers did not provide the artists with food. Despite selling out large stadiums, the artists earned as little as 50$ a day.[21] Several artists had gone on a strict diet to save money from the tour. The sleeping venues were often the cheapest hostels in the visited city. At one stage, the 2006 cohort resided in a drug clinic due to lack of hotel space.[22] The 2007 cohort reportedly once slept in a psychiatric hospital and once on the floor of a shop.[23]

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