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Star City Slayer (Stanley Dover) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. He is the grandfather of Stanley Dover who is named after him, though he is not named Stanley Dover Sr.

Star City Slayer
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceGreen Arrow Vol. 3 #1 (April 2001)
Created byKevin Smith
Phil Hester
In-story information
Alter egoStanley Dover
AbilitiesOccult master

Brendan Fletcher portrays a variation of the character in Arrow.

Fictional character biographyEdit

In Star City, Stanley Dover was first seen walking down an alley where some hoodlums try to attack him only for him to be saved by Green Arrow who is back from the dead.[1]

The Star City Slayer was seen feeding a vial of blood to a creature that is imprisoned in a glass cage underground.[2]

Stanley Dover later buys the Star City Youth Center and gains Mia Dearden as his first employee. He later explains to Mia that Oliver Queen "is missing time". Stanley felt that Oliver has missed the last 10 years of his life. This leads Stanley to outfit Oliver's home with outdated appliances and conveniences.[3]

A soulless Oliver Queen later finds himself at Stanley Dover's house who knocks him unconscious and brings him down to the basement. Upon regaining conscious, Oliver finds out that Stanley Dover is the Star City Slayer as he gestures to an imprisoned blonde-haired kid dressed as a purple monster.[4]

It was revealed that Dover Sr. had summoned the Beast in order to use it to grant him immortality using the Magdaline Grimoire that he gained from Jason Blood, but he had been roped into babysitting his grandson at the time he performed the ritual and the bond was transferred to the infant instead. Discovering the bond, the grandfather locked the younger Stanley in a large glass container and torments him, both physically and by forcing him to witness horrific acts of murder, all in an attempt to bring back the monster. Eventually abandoning his original plans to search for the monster while having Oliver Queen and Mia Deardon tied to the alters, Dover Sr. decides to transfer his soul into Green Arrow - currently resurrected by Hal Jordan as an amnesic body with no soul after the "Final Night" - with the goal of gaining access to the Watchtower monitoring systems to find the Beast, but Green Arrow was able to make contact with his soul in Heaven and convince the soul to return, allowing him and Connor Hawke's to fight through the demons that Dover Sr. had summoned until the monster Spot appeared to seal the door to Hell. He subsequently ate Dover Sr., later erasing the youngster's horrible memories of the act and of his imprisonment and torture to spare him from the tormented life he would otherwise endure. Stanley's will enabled Oliver Queen to get the Star City Youth Center.[5]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Star City Slayer is a master of the occult.

In other mediaEdit

  • Stanley Dover makes his live-action appearance in the seventh season of Arrow, portrayed by Brendan Fletcher.[6] This version is introduced as a timid, weak prisoner at Slabside Penitentiary who claims to have been wrongfully accused of murder. He quickly befriends Oliver Queen, who frequently defends Stanley from the other inmates. However, Oliver later discovers that Stanley is mentally unstable and that he has murdered many people inside and outside of prison. Abandoned by his former friend after finding out that he framed Ben Turner for the stabbing of a prison guard, Stanley manages to successfully escape from Slabside in a riot started by Ricardo Diaz and develops a grudge against Oliver. On his way out through the morgue, he murders Danny Brickwell for antagonizing him in prison.[7] Stanley returns to Star City in "Star City Slayer" as the titular antagonist, targeting members of Team Arrow, thinking they are bad for Oliver. He slices Dinah Drake's throat, but Curtis Holt saves her life by cauterizing the wound although the injury severely damaged Drake's "Canary Cry"; which now causes her pain, every time she uses her sonic scream powers. After confronting Oliver, Felicity Smoak, and their son William at their apartment, Stanley is subdued by Oliver and the authorities return him to Slabside.[8]


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