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Not to be confused with Tata Starbus
Artist impression of Optus D1, built on the Orbital Star Bus platform

Star Bus is a satellite bus family of Orbital ATK. It was originally developed by Thomas van der Heyden co-founder of CTAI, later sold to and manufactured by Orbital Sciences Corporation.[citation needed]


The first satellite program based on the Star Bus platform, developed by Thomas van der Heyden for the Indonesian Direct Broadcast program IndoVision, was IndoStar-1, which was launched in November 1997.[citation needed]


Name Mission type Orbit Payload capability Mission life
RapidStar-1 National Security Space LEO 60 kg/75W 1–5 years
RapidStar-2 National Security Space LEO 200 kg/500W 1–5 years
LEOStar-2 Civil/Defence LEO 150 kg/400W 1–10 years
LEOStar-3[1] Civil/Defence LEO 3,000 kg/800W 1–10 years
GEOStar-1 National Security Space GEO 150 kg/200W 5–7 years
GEOStar-2 Communications GEO 500 kg/5.5 kW 15–18 years
GEOStar-3 Communications GEO 800 kg/8.0 kW 15–18 years
MicroStar-1 Constellation LEO 15 kg/360W 1–3 years
ESPAStar-1 National Security Space LEO or GEO 250 kg/500W 1–5 years
ESPAStar-2 National Security Space LEO or GEO 1,080 kg/1.2 kW 1–5 years
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