Stanley Lane-Poole

Stanley Edward Lane-Poole (18 December 1854 – 29 December 1931) was a British orientalist and archaeologist.[1] Poole was from a famous orientalist family as his paternal grandmother Sophia Lane Poole, uncle Reginald Stuart Poole and great-uncle Edward William Lane were famous for their work in this field. His other great-uncle was Richard James Lane, a distinguished Victorian lithographer and engraver.

Jijel in 1664 by Stanley Lane-Poole


Born in London, England, from 1874 to 1892 he worked in the British Museum, and after that in Egypt researching on Egyptian archaeology. From 1897 to 1904 he had a chair as Professor of Arabic studies at Trinity College Dublin.

He was married to Charlotte Bell Wilson from 1879 until her death in 1905. The couple had three sons and a daughter; his eldest son predeceased him while of his other two sons, Richard was a Royal Navy officer and Charles was a forester who did much work in Australia.[2][3]



  • Completed the First Book of the Arabic-English Lexicon, left unfinished by his uncle, E. W. Lane.
  • Coins of the Urtuki Turkumans, International Numismata Orientalia, part 2 1875
  • The Life of Edward William Lane (1877)
  • The People of Turkey (editor) (1878)
  • Lane's Selection From the Kuran (1879)
  • Egypt (1881)
  • Le Korân, sa poésie et ses lois (1882)
  • Studies in a Mosque (Cairo, February 1883)
  • Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt, D. Appleton: New York (1883)
  • Social Life in Egypt: A Description of the Country & Its People (1884)
  • The Life of the late General F.R. Chesney (editor) (1885)
  • The Story of the Moors in Spain (1886)
  • Turkey (1888)
  • Lane-Poole, Stanley (1890). The Barbary Corsairs (1890). T. Fisher Unwin (London).
  • Sir Richard Church (1890)[4]
  • The Speeches and Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad (1893)
  • The Mohammedan Dynasties: Chronological and Genealogical Tables with Historical Introductions (1894)
  • Babar, Rulers of India series (1899)
  • History of Egypt in the Middle Ages (1901)
  • Medieval India under Mohammedan Rule, AD 712-1764 (1903)
  • Saladin and the Fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem (1903)[dubious ]
  • The Story of Cairo (1906)
  • Lane-Poole, Stanley (1907). History of India: From Mohammedan Conquest to the Reign of Akbar the Great (Vol. 3). London, Grolier society.
  • Life of Sir Harry Parkes with F.V. Dickins (1894)[5]
  • "The Caliphate". The Quarterly Review. 224: 162–177. July 1915.




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