Stancho Stanchev

Stancho Georgiev Stanchev (Bulgarian Станчо Георгиев Станчев) is a Bulgarian theatre director.

Stancho Stanchev Bulgarian theatre director


Stancho Stanchev was born on 5 Septembre 1932 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He graduated the DVTU (Public Higher School of Theater) presently "Krastyo Sarafov" National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Sofia in 1955, speciality theatre directing under Prof. Boyan Danovski. He completed a postgraduate degree at the Vakhtangov Theatre under Evgeny Simonov and at the Moscow Satire Theatre under Valentin Pluchek in Moscow.

Stancho Stanchev has staged more than 100 plays by Bulgarian and foreign playwrights on the stages of the drama theatres in Varna, Ruse, Shumen, Sofia, Moscow, Silistra, Pazardzhik.[1] His wife is the artist Daria Vassilyanska.He died on 23 Octobre 2017 in Varna.




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