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The Staller Center for the Arts is the main arts building at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Originally called the fine arts center, it was renamed after a $2 million donation by the Staller family, including former Old Field Mayor Cary F. Staller, who own commercial real estate on Long Island. Located on the main campus, it consists of two main divisions. One section houses the music and art departments, while the other consists of the theatre, media, and dance departments. The Staller Center contains three black-box theatres, a recital hall, the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery and a professional 1000-seat performance stage that features a 40-foot movie screen and is the site of the Stony Brook Film Festival. The Staller Center has hosted several nationwide events such as the New York Science Fiction Forum in 1998 and more recently the Live Action Role Playing League's production of A Link to the Past The black-box theaters are used by the theater arts department and Pocket Theater Club for stage performances of plays.

Staller Center for the Arts
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The first director of the Staller Center for the Arts was Terence Netter. Currently Alan Inkles is the director of the center.

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