Stalker vision

Stalker vision or monster vision is a cinema technique used to convey a sense of being watched. Often used in horror movies to inspire dread of what one is watching, this shot-framing incorporates a few techniques for effect.

First, there is a clear sense of distance between the viewpoint and the subject. Often cover is shown on the screen to demonstrate that the stalker is hiding. Another aspect of stalker vision is that it usually shows an everyday action that is not usually public.

Also, one of the mainstays of stalker vision is that the victim is watched over a period of time. Often Telescopes, binoculars, or other observation equipment are combined with a tree stand or some other place of watching.

Stalker vision often features a fairly helpless target, usually the female protagonist or a child in a horror movie. This tendency of the stalker or monster to prey upon the weak is used to create hatred and dislike for the viewer, and worry for the victim.

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