Stadtwiki Karlsruhe

The Stadtwiki Karlsruhe is a city wiki of the German town Karlsruhe and its surroundings, which is the largest in the world.[1]

Stadtwiki Karlsruhe
Type of site
City wiki
Available inEnglish, German, Spain, France, Russian
OwnerBildungsverein Region Karlsruhe e.V.
Created byHauke Löffler
RegistrationOptional (required to edit pages)
Launched22nd of Juli 2004
Current statusActive, largest in the world
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It was founded by the former pupil Hauke Löffler on 22 July 2004. The first version was running PmWiki; later the wiki was moved to MediaWiki. It was mentioned by DPA and on German television (ZDF).

It is hosted by the voluntary association "Bildungsverein Region Karlsruhe e.V." (e.V. = Eingetragener Verein).


The Stadtwiki Karlsruhe contains information on all topics that are related to Karlsruhe, it provides detailed information and links to geography, nature, history, politics, religion, education, culture, social affairs, sports, business and transport.

It also provides information on the subject of tourism and leisure destinations, gastronomy guide, clubs and venues, and acts specifically as a calendar of events.

The only relevant criterion is the reference to Karlsruhe.

In October 2008 the Stadtwiki for an English and a French edition was expanded, in September 2009 at a Russian edition.

There are over 22.000 articles and 15.000 pictures by over 3000 authors.


Content is availably under a Non-commercial Creative Commons license (by-nc-sa).


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