Stade de Bon Rencontre

The Bon Rencontre stadium is the second stadium of Toulon behind the Mayol Stadium. It seats 8,200 seated spectators and is currently used by the football club Sporting Toulon Var.

Stade de Bon Rencontre
Stade de Bon Rencontre is located in France
Stade de Bon Rencontre
Stade de Bon Rencontre
Location within France
AddressStade Bon Rencontre
3, avenue Aristide-Briand
83000 Toulon
Coordinates43°07′34″N 5°54′07″E / 43.126°N 5.902°E / 43.126; 5.902
Sporting Toulon Var

The stadium of Bon Rencontre has three stands: stand Mouraille, stand Depallens and stand Borrelli.

Each stand hosts supporter groups: respectively the Indomitable Toulon 1993 at D block of the grandstand Mouraille, the TNT and the Association of Supporters at blocks D and C of the stand Depallens and Fedelissimi Toulon 1998 in the Borrelli stand. The stadium also has a parking lot for the opposing fans lying behind the goals (former South grandstand), which has no steps and is composed of clay.

The main achievements carried out between 2002 and 2005 edit

The achievements made in 2002 edit

  • Repair of floors of the western grandstand
  • Water supply works
  • Paintings
  • Depallens grandstand seats (1re slice)

The achievements made in 2003 edit

  • Compliance of irrigation system
  • Paintings entrances, portals and other
  • Scoreboard
  • Depallens grandstand seats (2 slice)

The achievements made in 2004 edit

  • North Stand Emergency control
  • Depallens grandstand seats (continued)
  • Demolition of the South Gallery + pylon
  • Installing new sound system
  • Paint work
  • Masonry work (fixing cracked walls)
  • Sealing work

The achievements made in 2005 edit

  • VMC works (mechanical ventilation) in the locker room of players
  • Safety work, including portals
  • Visitors locker room work (1re slice)
  • Depallens stand seats in the grandstand (end)

The achievements made in 2008-2009 edit

  • Borrelli grandstand seats, enlargement of the lower stairs
  • Grandstand seats for Mouraille stand
  • Construction of Depallens stand refreshment booth.

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