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St Thomas More High School is a Roman Catholic bilateral academy school located in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England.[2] It caters for boys between the ages of 11 and 18 but has a mixed sixth form.[3] The school is larger than the average sized secondary academy. 1,027 students were on the roll in September 2015 (including 500 sixth form students).[4] The majority of pupils come from local Roman Catholic schools but the school does accept pupils from other Christian denominations.[4] The school is located in the Diocese of Brentwood and the serving bishop is Rt. Revd. Alan Williams. The school's patron saint is St Thomas More, which is mainly celebrated annually on St Thomas More Day.

St Thomas More High School
Kenilworth Gardens

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Coordinates51°33′15″N 0°40′15″E / 51.5541°N 0.6707°E / 51.5541; 0.6707Coordinates: 51°33′15″N 0°40′15″E / 51.5541°N 0.6707°E / 51.5541; 0.6707
TypeAcademy Converter
MottoGod's Servant First
Religious affiliation(s)Roman Catholic
Local authoritySouthend-on-Sea
Department for Education URN137310 Tables
Chair of GovernorsMr John Foster
HeadteacherMrs Gemma Ackred [1]
Deputy HeadteacherMr Phillip Maxfield [1]
GenderBoys (mixed sixth form)
Age11 to 18

The school is bounded on two sides by playing fields, belonging to two neighbouring schools, while private housing and a dual carriageway border the other two sides.

Work has started on a state-of-the-art extension to the school being built by Davis Construction. It will house specialist subject and basic teaching rooms, and will also include an internal fitness suite. The building is expected to open its doors to students in January 2019.



The school opened as a two-form entry school in 1960 with around 100-200 pupils and has progressively expanded. In September 1973 it was extended to become a four-form entry school and its status was changed to a bilateral school offering 30 selective and 115 non-selective places. Various building projects have taken place including a modern sixth-form block, which was completed in 1996.[5]

The school became grant-maintained on 1 September 1993, and the first sixth-form intake was admitted in September 1996. It was converted to voluntary-aided status in September 1999.[6]

There was an extensive refurbishment project, completed in autumn 2001,[6] which provided the school with a new reception area, extra classrooms, a brand new art department and an advanced music room with individual practice facilities. A new technology block was built in 2003, complete with state-of-the-art facilities.[citation needed]

Former deputy head teacher and Head of RE Chris Danes, an author of best selling textbooks and fiction who has bipolar disorder and is now a writer and broadcaster, had to resign from the School in 1997 on the grounds of ill health and at the young age of 36. Danes maintains he retired from teaching after becoming dangerously ill in 1997, he believes largely because of the unsympathetic way he was treated at work.[7] He talked candidly and movingly about this on a teacher's channel TV programme on mental health.[8]

Following protests by residents, in June 2003 the Council denied the School permission to install six 13-metre-high floodlights on the hockey pitch.[9] These were subsequently installed in 2007.[citation needed]

St Thomas More became a specialist Mathematics and Computing College in September 2004,[10] and continues with the specialism today.

Ex-headmaster Frank Keenan was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2005.[11] The school celebrated its 50th Anniversary Jubilee in July 2011[citation needed] and became an academy on 17 August 2011.[12]

In 2013, it was announced that ex-headteacher Mr P Travis had decided to work elsewhere; then deputy headteacher Mrs Gemma Ackred (née Nye) was appointed as Acting Headteacher and later proceeded to become the Headteacher in late 2013 after wide support from the students and staff. After which, Mr Phillip Maxfield became the deputy headteacher of the school.[citation needed]

Academic achievementsEdit

Pupils enter the school aged 11 with above average standards and their attainment both at age 14 and 16 is above the national average.[13] In the November 2005 Ofsted inspection[14] the school was rated 'Good’ (point 2 on a four-point scale) and an 'Outstanding' rating was given for 16- to 19-year-olds in the 'How good is the overall personal development and well-being of the learners?' category.[10] The school regularly competes in the annual UKMT Regional Maths Challenge.[15]

In July 2013, the school was rated ‘Requires improvement’ (point 3 on a four-point scale).[16] In February 2015, the school was rated ‘Good’ (point 2 on a four-point scale). However, Ofsted remarks that ‘sixth form provision’ is rated at ‘requires improvement’ (point 3 on a four-point scale).[17] Miss Elsa Genovese, head of the sixth form at the school, has made changes to the management of the sixth form to reflect on this rating.[citation needed]

House systemEdit

The school house system traditionally consisted of 4 houses representing the four patron saints of the United Kingdom; Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint Patrick. In commemoration of the school's golden jubilee in 2011 a new house, chosen by pupils, Saint Sebastian was added. Furthermore, this house system now denotes the names of forms students are placed in. Originally, forms were numbered from 1-5. After the introduction of Saint Sebastian house form names were changed and assigned a Patron Saint, e.g. 7S would refer to Year 7. In 2018, a new house was created which was temporarily known as "Six" before being named Saint Vincent.

Each house has a house colour with the house colour of Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint Patrick, Saint Sebastian and Saint Vincent being blue, yellow, red, green, white and purple respectively.


In November 2006 three pupils were selected for advanced basketball training by England Basketball.[18] In October 2014, a pupil competed in the ASA Word Swimming Championships [19] and their respective team placed third in England’s rankings. In 2014 and 2015, several students were offered scholarships to Harrow School due to their sporting ability.[citation needed]

Each year, the school holds an event called "Presentations" where sporting awards are given out.[citation needed]


Strategic Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs. G. Ackred

Deputy Headteacher: Mr. P. Maxfield

Director of Learning i/c Behaviour & Safety: Mr. G. Mason

Director of Teaching & Learning: Mr. J. Hollingsworth

Director of Learning i/c Pupil Achievement: Mr. M. Hardiman

Director of Learning i/c Sixth Form: Ms. E. Corr

Director of Religious Life: Mrs. C. Webb

Director of Finance & Operations: Mrs. M. Westpfel


Head / Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 7: Mr. R. Kabarowski

Miss. K. Barlow

Business Studies:

Head / Pupil Progress Mentor for Disadvantaged Students: Mrs. A. Lindsay

Miss. L. Myhill

Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 12: Miss. D. McCague

Design & Technology:

Head: Mr. R. Leamy

Enrichement Co-Ordinator: Mrs. S. Napper

Mr. S. Griffin


Head: Mrs. D. Cotgrove

Second in Department / Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 9: Mr. G. Dooley

Mr. P. Standing

Most Able Co-Ordinate: Mr. T. Wiltshire

Mrs. L. Tuskin

Teaching & Learning Leader: Mr. D. Jenkins

Mrs. R. Caten

Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 13: Mr. S. Emmerson

Mrs. C. Kadwill

Mr. J. Robinson

Dr. H. Turner

Ms. C. Greene

Mr. L. Walker

Geography & Geology:

Head: Miss. R. Main

Mr. G. Mason

Mr. M. Hardiman

Mr. G. West

Mr. J. Hollingsworth

Mrs. C. Davison


Head: Mr. C. Daly

Mrs. K. Downey

Ms. J. Wilkes

Mr. D. Smith

Information Technology:

Head: Mrs. S. Chell

Mr. J Marshall

Mr. L. Barrett


Head: Mrs. S. Wilson

Second in Department: Ms. E. Clarke

Mr. J. O'Hara

Mr. M. Lonergan

Mr. L. Bowdery

Mr. J. Vitone

Mr. J. O'Connell

Ms. V. Rattenbury

Miss A. Stephenson

Media Studies:

Head / Literacy Co-Ordinator: Mrs. D. Cotgrove

Mr. D. Jenkins

Mrs. L. Tuskin

Mr. T. Wiltshire

Mrs. C. Kadwill

Mrs. R. Caten

Mr. S. Emmerson

Modern Foreign Languages:

Head: Mrs. A. Lindsay

Mrs. G. Terry

Mrs. C. Williams


Head: Mr. T. Riches

Ms. V. Rattenbury

PSHE & Citizenship:

Miss. D. McCague


Miss J. Dibbens

Ms. E. Corr

Mrs. G. Ackred

Physical Education:

Head / Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 11:: Mr. S. Bass

Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 8: Mr. G. Lettieri

Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 9: Mr. N. Spillett

Pupil Progress Mentor - Year 12: Mr. E. Kearney

Mr. C. Binstead

Mr. S. Mason

Religious Education:

Head: Mr. P. Griffin

Mrs. C. Webb

Mr. M. Tisi

Mr. C. Baird

Mr. A. Ackred

Mr. L. Walker


Head: Mr. S. Clunn

Second in Department: Miss. A. Pierce

Curriculum Development Leader: Mrs. A. Hardiman

Mrs. B. Summers

Mr. A. Ackred

Ms. K. Collard

Head of Biology & STEM Co-Ordinator: Mr. S. Jones

Mrs. E. Jones

Miss J. Dibbens

Mr. P. Maxfield

Ms. E. Corr


Finance Supervisor: Mr. C. Berry

Headteacher Personal Assistant: Mrs. L. Davies

Cover Manager / Exams Officer: Ms. K. Norton

Personnel Officer: Mrs. A. Newman

Clerk to Governors: Miss. N. Parr

Administration Assistant: Mrs. K. Weir

Administration Assistant: Mrs. S. Burry

Admissions Secretary: Mrs. S. Burry

Curriculum Data Manager: Mrs. J. Smith

Receptionist: Mrs. K. Snares

Receptionist: Mrs. G. Stiff

Reprographics: Mrs. A. Poole

Receptionist: Mr. S. Mason

Classroom Supervisor:

Ms. J. Vickery

Design & Technology Technicians:

Mr. P. Groom

Mrs. B. Pacey

Mrs. C. Butterfield

ICT Technical:

ICT Manager / Staff Governor: Mr. R. Shorten

Assistant ICT Manager: Mr. J. Pacey

ICT Technician: Mr. M. Staines

Learning Support:

SENCO: Miss. V. Rattenbury

Deputy SENCO: Mrs. S. Stockley (Inclusion Leader)

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs. D. Bishop

Mrs. F. Gayner

Mrs. I. Burns

Mrs. T. Cole

Mrs. N. Jones

Mrs. J. Keville

Ms. S. Reames

Mrs. L. Lane

Miss. D. tANDY

Pupil Support:

Pupil & Community Support Officer: Miss. M. Walford

Pupil Support Mentor (KS3): Mr. T. Harding

Pupil Support Mentor (KS4): Mrs. T. Goodman

Pupil Support Mentor (KS5): Mrs. J. Hudson

School Counsellor: Mrs. J. Meranda

Science Technicians:

Miss. A. Spencer

Mrs. L. Standing

Library & Careers:

Mrs. A. Courtney

Mrs. M. Griffiths.

Site Team:

Site Manager: Mr. K. Seaby

Mr. B. Micklewright

Mr. C. Brown

Mrs. C. Micklewright

Notable former pupilsEdit


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