St Matthew's, Leicester

The St Matthew's estate is an area of inner city Leicester. It lies immediately to the northeast of the city centre and is bounded by the A594 ring road to the southwest, the Belgrave Road to the northwest and Humberstone Road to the southeast. To the northeast it is separated from Belgrave by former railway land.[citation needed]

It has a population of approximately 4,000 and is named after the Anglican church of St Matthew's.[citation needed] The area previously consisted of small factories and slum housing - much of it back-to-back houses - and was redeveloped in the 1950s as council housing.[citation needed] The vast majority of the housing stock is local authority owned.[citation needed] The area is isolated (with no adjacent residential areas and is cut off from the city centre by the dual carriageway ring road).[citation needed] It is, statistically, the most deprived neighbourhood in Leicester today and the most income deprived neighbourhood in England (Indices of deprivation 2007).[1][dead link][better source needed]

The population is extremely diverse with large numbers of new arrivals.[citation needed] Although the estate faces some significant challenges, local residents participating in a recent consultation project indicated that they felt some pride in the estate and that it had improved substantially in recent years.[citation needed] Standards of housing have improved as a result of the government's 'Decent Homes' programme and the area is perceived[by whom?] to be safer than it was in the past.[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 52°38′28″N 1°07′23″W / 52.641°N 1.123°W / 52.641; -1.123