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St. Xavier's Church, Peyad

The St. Xavier's Church is a Catholic Church run by the Latin Diocese of Neyyattinkara. [1] Diocese of Neyyattinkara was formed on 5 November 1996 and prior to the formation of Diocese of Neyyattinkara, St.Xavier's Church Peyad was under the control of Latin Arch Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram.[2]

St.Xavier's Church, Peyad,Trivandrum
Front Elevation St Xaviers church peyad.JPG
Exterior View
Basic information
Location India Trivandrum, India
Affiliation Roman Catholic
District Trivandrum
State Kerala
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Parish
Leadership Rev. Fr.Joy Sabu Y
Completed 2006
Direction of façade South
Dome(s) 1
Materials Rock,Baked Bricks,Cement,Steel,Wood



Saint Francis of Xavier, born Francisco de Jaso y Azpilcueta (7 April 1506, Javier, Navarre – 3 December 1552, Shangchuan Island, China) was a Navarrese pioneering Roman Catholic missionary of Basque origin[citation needed] and co-founder of the Society of Jesus. He had visited India for missionary purpose.

Parish historyEdit

The church claims its origin to the pre-independence days. Rev.Fr.John Damisien, the father of Neyyattinkara mission, founded in 1901, founded Kundamanbhagam Mission which was under control of the parish of Palayam. Further missionary work, by Rev.Fr.Gregory O.C.D and Rev.Fr.Pascasious O.C.D resulted in the beginning of the church's construction in 1904 at Kundamanbhagam. Missionaries of Carmelite belonging to the Asters Province in Belgium helped. Though the region was remote, the feast of St. Sebastian attracted believers. Furthermore, records reveal that Dr. Alosious Maria Benzigar, the Bishop of Quilon visited Kundamanbhagam mission and upon his suggestion the missionaries rebuilt the church of St.Francis Xavier at Peyad. It bears a combination of Greek and Roman architecture and has a Church Bell brought by Fr.Pascasious O.C.D from Belgium and it is one among the 44 Church Bells belonging to the same make. The Missionaries from Belgium selected an engineer from Belgium and native Kunju Contractor to complete the shrine. The present residence for the priest was built during the time of Fr.Brocard O.C.D. In those days St.Xavier Church at peyad was known as a Partial district comprising Kundamanbhagam. As per Ora Malabaria the diocese of Thiruvananthapuram originated in 1937 July 1 with Rev.Fr.Vincent Dereire as the first Bishop of Thiruvananthapuram who established 15 High Schools, 28 Middle Schools and 68 Primary schools.


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