St. Theresa of Avila Cathedral, Subotica

The Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila[1] (Serbian and Croatian: Katedrala Svete Terezije Avilske, Hungarian: A szabadkai Szent Teréz székesegyház) is a Roman Catholic cathedral and minor basilica located in Subotica, Serbia, the seat of the Diocese of Subotica. It is dedicated to Saint Theresa of Avila.

Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila
Serbo-Croatian: Katedrala Svete Terezije Avilske
Photo of the church
46°05′55″N 19°39′32″E / 46.098575°N 19.658989°E / 46.098575; 19.658989
DenominationRoman Catholic (Latin)
StatusCathedral and minor basilica
DedicationTheresa of Avila
Functional statusActive
Heritage designationMonument of Culture of Great Importance
Architect(s)Franz Kaufmann
Length61 metres (200 ft)
Width26 metres (85 ft)
Height64 metres (210 ft)
DioceseDiocese of Subotica
Bishop(s)János Pénzes[1]
Vicar(s)Stjepan Beretić


The cathedral was built between 1773 and 1779 in the baroque style.[2] At the time, Subotica was part of the Habsburg monarchy. The building was designed by architect Franz Kaufmann from Pest. The altar is decorated with several paintings by Josef Schoefft, one painting of the Holy Family by Kasper Schleibne, and one painting of the True Cross by Emmanuel Walch.[2]

The building is 61 metres (200 ft) long and 26 metres (85 ft) wide. The nave is 18 metres (59 ft) tall, while the bell towers are 64 metres (210 ft) tall. On the roof of the building, between the two bell towers, is a statue of Virgin Mary. The pulpit was built in 1808. The pipe organ was installed in 1897 and renovated in 1997.[2] New renovation works are planned for 2015.[3]

The whole interior of the church was renovated in 1972-73 for the bicentennial of the building. The building was declared the Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1973.[4][2] Pope Paul VI granted the title of Minor basilica to the cathedral on 29 April 1974.[1]

There is a bust of Aleksandar Lifka in front of the church.[5]

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