St. Hyacinth's Cathedral

The St. Hyacinth's Cathedral [1] (French: Cathédrale Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur)[2] also called Cathedral of St. Hyacinthe the Confessor is a religious building of the Catholic Church which was built in 1880. It is located in Saint-Hyacinthe,[3] Quebec in eastern Canada,[4] it is the main church of the diocese of the same name. It is named in honour of St. Hyacinth of Poland.

St. Hyacinth's Cathedral
Cathédrale Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur
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45°37′29″N 72°56′57″W / 45.62472°N 72.94917°W / 45.62472; -72.94917Coordinates: 45°37′29″N 72°56′57″W / 45.62472°N 72.94917°W / 45.62472; -72.94917
DenominationRoman Catholic Church
Internal view

A pro-cathedral was built prior to the request of Bishop Jean-Charles Prince of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint-Hyacinthe, but the building was not solid. During the 1870s, the bishop had to move to Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil.

The construction of the current building was ordained by Bishop Louis-Zéphirin Moreau. Its architect is Adolphe Lévesque, who fulfilled a contract for $50,000. It was dedicated in honour of St. Hyacinth (Saint Hyacinthe), confessor Dominican who died in 1257.

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