St. George (Manitoba provincial electoral district)

For the former Ontario riding of the same name, see St. George (Ontario provincial electoral district)

St. George is a former provincial electoral division in Manitoba, Canada.

It was established for the 1914 provincial election, and eliminated with the 1981 election.

The constituency housed a large Icelandic population. For most of its history, it was safe for the Liberal and Liberal-Progressive parties.

Provincial representativesEdit

  Name Party Took Office Left Office
     Edmund L. Taylor
Conservative 1914 1915
  Skuli Sigfusson
Liberal 1915 1920
     Albert Kristjansson
Labour 1920 1921
Independent-Farmer 1921 1922
  Skuli Sigfusson
Liberal 1922 1932
Liberal–Progressive 1932 1936
     Salome Halldorson
Social Credit 1936 1941
  Skuli Sigfusson
Liberal–Progressive 1941 1945
  Christian Halldorson
Liberal–Progressive 1945 1956
  Elman Guttormson
Liberal–Progressive 1956 1961
Liberal 1961 1969
  Bill Uruski
New Democratic Party 1969 1981