St. Dympna's Hospital

St. Dympna's Hospital (Irish: Ospidéal Naomh Dympna) is a psychiatric hospital located in Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland.

St. Dympna's Hospital
Health Service Executive
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St. Dympna's Hospital
St. Dympna's Hospital is located in Ireland
St. Dympna's Hospital
Shown in Ireland
LocationCarlow, County Carlow, Ireland
Coordinates52°50′32″N 6°55′38″W / 52.8422°N 6.9272°W / 52.8422; -6.9272Coordinates: 52°50′32″N 6°55′38″W / 52.8422°N 6.9272°W / 52.8422; -6.9272
Care systemHSE
Emergency departmentNo
SpecialityPsychiatric hospital


The hospital, which was designed by Francis Johnston, opened as the Carlow District Lunatic Asylum in 1832.[1] It became Carlow Mental Hospital in 1925 and, having been re-named St. Dympna's Hospital, after St. Dympna, the patron saint of mental illness, in 1958, it was taken over by the Department of Health in 1971.[2] After the introduction of deinstitutionalisation in the late 1980s the hospital went into a period of decline.[3][4] Kelvin Grove, a modern residential unit for adult clients with learning difficulties, opened on the site in 2008.[5] The main hospital closed in October 2011.[6]

Patient servicesEdit

Services include out-patient clinics, day care facilities, addiction counselling, and a community hostel.[7][8]


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