Sri City or Satyavedu Reserve Infracity Pvt. Ltd.[3] is an integrated business city (township) located on NH 16 in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Much of the Sri City area is in Chittoor District and a smaller area along the NH16[4] is in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sri City
Sri City is located in Andhra Pradesh
Sri City
Sri City
Coordinates: 13°33′28″N 80°01′46″E / 13.557673°N 80.029489°E / 13.557673; 80.029489Coordinates: 13°33′28″N 80°01′46″E / 13.557673°N 80.029489°E / 13.557673; 80.029489
StateAndhra Pradesh
DistrictChittoor District
 • Total69.88697 km2 (26.98351 sq mi)
Area rank24
 • Rank414
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Sri City is an Integrated Business City located along the NH-16 in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Being at proximity of 55 km north of Chennai, the facility has a seamless connectivity to road, air and sea ports all within 100 km radius. Sri City SEZ is characterized by its strong industrial base, productive workforce, and excellent industrial relations. It encompasses a multiproduct Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and a Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ). Several Industrial Units belonging to diverse sectors like Automotive, Engineering, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Power, Paper, Toys, Furniture, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Textile, and allied industries have their presence in the SEZ.

Sri City SEZ started in 2007 by Dr Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy late Chief Minister of United Andhra Pradesh with an objective of radically transforming the economic landscape of the backward regions of Satyavedu and Varadiahpalem mandals in Andhra Pradesh. It became operational in 2009 and is now one of the most coveted business destinations in the country. At present the zone spans a total of 1088.581 Hectares, which includes a Processing Area of 609.780 Ha, Non-Processing Area of 478.801 Ha, and a Free Trade & Warehousing Zone of 24.12 Ha.

In 2015, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Chandrababu Naidu has inaugurated seven industrial and manufacturing units in Sri city while performed the ground-breaking ceremony for 11 industrial units - Rexam, Vermeiren, Cipy Pagel, KGI Clothing, Ayurvet, Brindco, Power Gas, Koncept Poly Pro, Be' Rollex, Beva Silicones and Godawari Udyog providing the big boost to industrial sector in the state [5].

The following units have set up their facilities in Sri City

  • Netherlands-based Hunter Douglas
  • USA-based Pharma West Pharma
  • PepsiCo India [6]
  • Cadbury’s
  • Colgate India
  • China-based Electronics industry ZTT India Pvt Ltd
  • Japan-based Nippon Seiki
  • India-based Mohan Mutha Polytech
  • Japan’s Kusakabe, auto components industry
  • Isuzu Motors Manufacturing Unit [7]
  • Hero MotoCorp factory [8]

The Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR), India's satellite/rocket launching centre is located at Sriharikota, on the eastern side of the Pulicat Lake which separates Sri City and the satellite launching station.[9][10]



The name Sri City is inspired by the title sri derived from Sanskrit. Sri is the sacred sound of cosmic auspiciousness and abundance in the Hindu religion. Written as sri, shree, sree or shri, it stands for abundance, auspiciousness, affluence, grace, wealth, light, luster, splendor, beauty, loveliness and authority.[11] The symbol has been used since Vedic times. Holiness is attached to the word when written or spoken. It is also added before a name to show respect. Sri is the beginning of the name of renowned temple towns in the region such as Srirangam, Srikalahasti, Sriperumbudur and Sriharikota. The world-famous temple city of Tirupati the abode of Lord Sri Venkateshwara (aka Srinivasa, Balaji) is also located near Sri City. After the symbol aum (ॐ) and the swastika, sri is the most popular symbol used in Hinduism. Sri is also the sacred of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.


The district has hundreds of monuments, memorial rocks and memorials. The historical memorials date back to over 1000 years.

The history of the district, which was carved out in 1905 from then Cuddapah, Nellore and North Arcot districts, has been shaped by the ups and downs of several Dravidian kingdoms. It was a British military post until 1884. Back to 1000 years when the region was dominated by Vijayanagara Empire[12] and is linked with the Aravidu dynasty.[13]


It is situated between north latitudes of 13°29’50" & 13°34’40" and east longitudes of 79°57’30" & 80°02’50",[14] at an average elevation of about 20 metres above MSL (66 ft) covering parts of Chittoor district and Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. It is alongside NH 5 which forms part of the Golden Quadrilateral.[10] A creek (Karipeti Kalava) flows through Sri City passing through a number of lakes on the way to joining Pulicat Lake north of Tada. There is a state forest on the western boundary. The Telugu Ganga project carrying Krishna River water to Chennai passes along the western boundary of Sri City.


The soils of the area can be broadly classified as:

  • Latosolic developed on the coastal laterite
  • Yellow podzolic soils formed on the sandy sheet of alluvium
  • The transition located at the contact of laterite and alluvium is podozolic–latosolic soil


Satyavedu Mandal rainfall (mm)

The area experiences both the southwest monsoon and the northeast monsoon. In between there are lull periods. The average rainfall per annum as recorded in Satyavedu is 1305 mm.

  • mid-May to mid-August – southwest monsoon
  • mid-August to mid-October – transition / calm period
  • mid-October to mid-January – northeast monsoon
  • mid-January to mid-May – transition / calm period


Trees – Red sanders wood is the speciality of this area. It is the heartwood of Pterocarpus santalinus, a small tree indigenous to Southern India[15] and the Philippines. During the Middle Ages it was classed as a spice and used for culinary purposes, and at one time it was supposed to possess medicinal properties. It is also called raktachandan. The literal meaning of raktachandan is blood coloured sandalwood. This kind of wood has a special and rust red colour and it is used to carve a number of products including panels, framework and traditional dolls.

Mesophytic flora like Syzygium cumini (locally called neredu), Pongamia ghaira (kanuga) and large trees like Terminalia arjuna (erramaddi and tellamaddi), mangos and Phoenix sylvestris.


Great grey shrike

Among the birds, the large grey babbler, great grey shrike, king crow, myna, bee-eater hoopoe, swift, vulture, eagle, kite, owl, sand grouse, quail, partridge, green pigeon and peacock are found in the district. Herbivores in the district include sambar, blackbuck, chital, wild sheep, mouse deer, hare and rabbit.

Sricity Nature Society[16] works towards preservation of natural biodiversity and conservation of flora and fauna in and around Sri City through various intervention programs and awareness activities with the help of the student and resident communities in and around Sri City.


Telugu is the official and spoken language.[17] Most of the educated populace speak English and are bi-lingual.[18]


Sri City forms part of Satyavedu and Varadaiahpalem mandals of Chittoor District. It is part of the Satyavedu constituency and Tirupati MP constituency. As per 2011 census the total population of the satyavedu constituency is 2,77,010,[19] with a literacy rate of 78.98, well over national rate of Literacy in India which stand at 74.04%.[20]


Isuzu has its manufacturing plant in Sri City

Moving with times, Sri City has emerged into a business hub[21] for large and medium scale industries, such as Engineering, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Apparel, Renewable Energy, Biotech/Pharma, Sporting Equipment & Toys, Logistics and Warehousing, IT/ITES/BPO, Education & Training Institutes, other Eco-Friendly Industries.

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The integrated township includes various zones: Industrial, Residential, Educational, Commercial and Recreational.

SriCity Business Centre

The Industrial Zone includes a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Export Oriented Industry and Domestic Tariff Zone (DTZ) for Domestic Industry. It is a business destination for global companies to establish Manufacturing, Services and Trading operations in India.[23]

The SEZ is administered by Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC)[24] & Industrial Area Local Authority (IALA). The Government appointed officer controls the planning and building approval processes. A Commissioner appointed by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, administers the (SEZ) area.

The SEZ was designed by Jurong Consultants, Singapore,[25] taking into account future dimensions of expansion.[26]


Sri City Map with distances

Sricity is located in close proximity to Asian Highway 45. The Tirupati Airport is the nearest domestic airport (82 km) and Chennai International Airport is the nearest international airport (86 km).[27] Tada and Arambakkam railways stations are nearest railway stations to Sricity.[28][29] Chennai Port and Ennore Ports are the nearest port to the town.[30] While, Krishnapatnam Port is located 100 km (62 mi) to the north of Sri City.[30]

Places of interestEdit

View of Pulicat Lake from SriCity

The district boasts few of the finest ancient/modern temples of the country. The archaeological treasures unearthed from the town and its adjoining areas occupy the pride of place at different museums. The Chandragiri Fort is known for its architectural marvels including the Srikalahasti temple.

Tirumala Venkateswara Temple at Tirupati, Goddess Padmavathi temple at Thiruchanoor, Srikalahasti temple, Chengalamma temple in Sullurpeta,[31] Parshwanatha Jain Temple at Chandragiri[32] etc., are the nearby religious tourist destinations to Sricity.

Pulicat Lake, Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary,[33] Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary[34] Tada Falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls,[35] Nagalapuram Falls,[36] Satish Dhawan Space Center[10] are the nearby tourist destinations.

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