Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary

Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary (Khmer: ដែនជម្រកសត្វព្រៃស្រែពក, formerly Mondulkiri Protected Forest) is a 372,971 ha (1,440.05 sq mi) large wildlife sanctuary in Mondulkiri Province, eastern Cambodia established on May 9, 2016, according to Sub-decree No. 85 ANKr.BK.[2]

Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary
Mondulkiri Protected Forest
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)[1]
Map showing the location of Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary
Map showing the location of Sre Pok Wildlife Sanctuary
LocationMondulkiri, Cambodia
Nearest citySenmonorom
Coordinates12°56′10″N 107°18′18″E / 12.93618114°N 107.30506575°E / 12.93618114; 107.30506575Coordinates: 12°56′10″N 107°18′18″E / 12.93618114°N 107.30506575°E / 12.93618114; 107.30506575
Area372,971 ha (1,440.05 sq mi)[2]
EstablishedMay 9, 2016
Governing bodyMinistry of Environment

Formerly, classified as Mondulkiri Protected Forest (Khmer: តំបន់ព្រៃការពារសម្រាប់អភិរក្សធនធានសេនេទិច រុក្ខជាតិ និង សត្វព្រៃ «មណ្ឌលគិរី»), established on July 30, 2002, according to Sub-decree no. 75 ANKr.BK,[2] originally with 429,438 ha (1,658.07 sq mi),[3] but was downsized 56,467 ha (218.02 sq mi) in 2007.[4] It borders Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary in the northwest, O'Yadav National Park in the north, Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary in the southwest and Phnom Nam Lyr Wildlife Sanctuary in the southeast.[1]

It is part of the largest protected area complex in Southeast Asia.[5]


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