Spremberg Dam (German: Talsperre Spremberg) and its associated reservoir (Spremberger Stausee) lie between Cottbus and Spremberg and impound the River Spree. Together with the surrounding countryside they make up the protected landscape also known as the Talsperre Spremberg. The dam itself is made of earth and is the only one in the state of Brandenburg that counts as a "large dam". Its purposes are industrial water supply, flood protection, electricity generation, drought protection and recreation. It was taken into service on 8 October 1965.

Spremberg Dam
Talsperre-Spremberg Staudamm-mit-Booten.jpg
LocationSpree-Neiße district
(near Cottbus, Spremberg)
Coordinates51°38′49″N 14°23′41″E / 51.64694°N 14.39472°E / 51.64694; 14.39472Coordinates: 51°38′49″N 14°23′41″E / 51.64694°N 14.39472°E / 51.64694; 14.39472
Construction began1958 - 1965
Dam and spillways
Height (foundation)20.2 m (66 ft)
Height (thalweg)12 m (39 ft)
Length3,700 m (12,100 ft)
Elevation at crest96.15 m (315.5 ft)
Width (crest)5 m (16 ft)
Dam volume1.1 MCM
Active capacity42.7 MCM
Catchment area2,239 km2 (864 sq mi)
Surface area9.33 km2 (3.60 sq mi)
Normal elevation92.00 m (301.84 ft)
Power Station
Installed capacity1 MW