Speed skating at the 1960 Winter Olympics – Women's 3000 metres

The women's 3000 metres speed skating event was part of the speed skating at the 1960 Winter Olympics programme. It was the first appearance of women's speed skating events at the Olympics and the 3000 metres were the last contest at this Games. The competition was held on the Squaw Valley Olympic Skating Rink and for the first time at the Olympics on artificially frozen ice. It was held on Tuesday, February 23, 1960. Twenty speed skaters from ten nations competed.[1]

Women's 3000 metres speed skating
at the VIII Olympic Winter Games
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VenueSquaw Valley Olympic Skating Rink
Date23 February 1960
Competitors20 from 10 nations
Winning time5:14.3 OR
1st place, gold medalist(s) Lidiya Skoblikova  Soviet Union
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Valentina Stenina  Soviet Union
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Eevi Huttunen  Finland
1964 →

Medalists edit

Gold Silver Bronze
Lidiya Skoblikova
  Soviet Union
Valentina Stenina
  Soviet Union
Eevi Huttunen

Records edit

These were the standing world and Olympic records (in minutes) prior to the 1960 Winter Olympics.

World Record 5:13.8(*)   Rimma Zhukova Medeo (URS) January 23, 1953
Olympic Record -

(*) The record was set in a high altitude venue (more than 1000 metres above sea level) and on naturally frozen ice.

The development of the Olympic record was the following: Gisela Toews with 5:48.3 minutes (winning the first pair), Elsa Einarsson with 5:32.2 minutes, Tamara Rylova with 5:30.0 minutes, Helena Pilejczyk with 5:26.2 minutes, Christina Scherling with 5:25.5 minutes, Valentina Stenina with 5:16.9 minutes, and finally the new Olympic record was set by Lidiya Skoblikova with 5:14.3 minutes.

Results edit

Place Speed skater Time
1   Lidiya Skoblikova (URS) 5:14.3 OR
2   Valentina Stenina (URS) 5:16.9
3   Eevi Huttunen (FIN) 5:21.0
4   Hatsue Takamizawa (JPN) 5:21.4
5   Christina Scherling (SWE) 5:25.5
6   Helena Pilejczyk (POL) 5:26.2
7   Elwira Seroczyńska (POL) 5:27.3
8   Jeanne Ashworth (USA) 5:28.5
9   Tamara Rylova (URS) 5:30.0
10   Yoshiko Takano (JPN) 5:30.9
11   Elsa Einarsson (SWE) 5:32.2
12   Iris Sihvonen (FIN) 5:35.2
13   Inge Görmer (EUA) 5:37.5
14   Doreen Ryan (CAN) 5:39.7
15   Françoise Lucas (FRA) 5:42.5
16   Margaret Robb (CAN) 5:43.5
17   Gisela Toews (EUA) 5:48.3
18   Cornelia Harrington (USA) 5:57.5
19   Beverly Buhr (USA) 6:03.1
20   Kim Gyeong-Hoe (KOR) 6:08.2

References edit

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