Special Warfare Training Centre (Malaysia)

Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khusus (PULPAK) (Special Warfare Training Centre), (Jawi: ڤوست لاتيهن ڤڤراڠن خصوص) is one of the Malaysian Army training centers located at the Sungai Udang Camp, Malacca. Primarily task to provide basic commando course and specialised courses and trainings for personnel from Grup Gerak Khas and Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) (Malay: Angkatan Tentera Malaysia — ATM) Special Units to strengthen the Malaysian defense garrison from enemies and terrorist threats.

Special Warfare Training Centre
Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khusus
ڤوست لاتيهن ڤڤراڠن خصوص
Malaysian Army SWTC PULPAK.svg
  • 1 August 1976 — PLPK ATM
  • 1 January 1977 — Fully Operational
  • 1985 — PLPK TD
  • 1995–present — PULPAK
Country Malaysia
Branch Malaysian Army
TypeSpecial Operations Training Centre
RoleRecruit, assess, select, train and educate Malaysian Army 21 GGK and Malaysia Armed Forces by providing basic and advanced special operations training, education and doctrine.
Part of
Garrison/HQSungai Udang Camp, Malacca
Nickname(s)"Kilang Gerak Khas"
(Gerak Khas Factory)
Motto(s)Pengetahuan Kejayaan
(Knowledge Success)
Colour of Beret  Sherwood Green
CommandantColonel Rizwan Abdullah
Beret Flash
Malaysian Army PULPAK Beret Flash.svg

PULPAK also provide training to personnel from the Royal Malaysia Police, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and Special Operations Force from nearby countries including Brunei, Myanmar and Maldives.[1]

PULPAK is administrated by Markas Pemerintahan Latihan dan Doktrin Tentera Darat (MKPL & DTD) (Malaysian Army Training and Doctrine Command — MyTRADOC) and managed by 21 Grup Gerak Khas. PULPAK Technical Control is managed by Sel Operasi Pasukan Khusus (SOPASUS) (Special Forces Operation Cell) at Cawangan Operasi dan Latihan (OPLAT) (Operations and Training Wing) of Markas Tentera Darat (Malaysia Army Command).[2]


Regional political and military developments in Southeast Asia have raised the idea of creating a special training center to train personnel who are experts in their field, especially for the members of the Pasukan Gerak Khas (now known as Grup Gerak Khas). The training center was formed on 1 August 1976 before fully operational on 1 January 1977 as Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (PLPK ATM) at Sungai Udang Camp, Malacca. Before PLPK establishment, every ATM's special operations forces were trained in specialized course at overseas military school. The rise of the cost to send them overseas is the other reasons for PLPK formation. The basic courses such as Kursus Asas Komando (Basic Commando Course) were conducted by personnel from 1st Gerak Khas Regiment (now known as 21 Grup Gerak Khas) before the formation of PLPK.

In 1985, PLPK ATM changes its name to Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khas Tentera Darat (PLPK TD) when both Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) created their own special forces training center at their own bases. PLPK TD once again changed its name in 1995, when the names of all training institutions under Malaysian Army adjusted in line with the establishment of the Pemerintahan Latihan Tentera Darat (Army Training Administration). Now known as Pusat Latihan Peperangan Khusus (PULPAK), it is under the administration of Malaysian Army TRADOC and managed by 21 GGK.


The role of PULPAK is to provide specialised courses and training for all army personnel in accordance with current situation:

  • To conduct basic commando training for the Malaysian Army and other services (RMN, RMAF).
  • To train personnel of Special Operations Forces as well as other soldiers in specialized training and special operations as required by higher authority.
  • To conduct advanced training for Special Operations Forces and army personnel as directed by higher authority.
  • To conduct training evaluation test on Special Operations Forces Units.
  • To provide observers and qualified instructors for specialized assignments in Special Operations Forces Units.
  • To revise and analyze all doctrines pertaining to specialized training and operations.

Training ModuleEdit

PULPAK instructors are mostly from 21 GGK[3] and they always honing their skills and knowledge by attending other countries' military schools.[4]

There are five training wings at PULPAK and each of them conduct different specialised courses.

Commando WingEdit

  • Basic Commando Course (Malay: Kursus Asas Komando)
    • Prior to year 1985, PULPAK conduct Basic Commando Course for all ATM branches; Malaysian Army Gerak Khas, RMN PASKAL and RMAF HANDAU
  • Sniper Course
    • There are two Sniper Course offered by Malaysian Army. The ones that conducted by PULPAK is a special forces Sniper Course, while the other is the Infantry Sniper Course offered by the PULADA (Army Combat Training Centre)[5]
  • Sniper Supervisor Course
  • Mountaineering Course
  • Mountaineering Supervisor Course

Special Stratagem WingEdit

Parachute WingEdit

Rigger WingEdit

Amphibious WingEdit

Former CommandantEdit

Name Year
Colonel Hussin bin Awang Senik, 1 January 1977 – 1 March 1978
Colonel Borhan bin Ahmad 1 March 1978 – 1 January 1981
Colonel Hasbullah bin Yusof 1 January 1981 – 16 November 1983
Colonel Mohd Ramli bin Ismail 16 November 1983 – 16 January 1987
Colonel Ghazali bin Ibrahim 16 January 1987 – 16 January 1990
Colonel Zainuddin bin Taib 16 January 1990 – 1 August 1991
Colonel Ahmad Rodi bin Zakaria 1 August 1991 – 1 May 1995
Colonel Mohd Shahrin bin Hj. Abd Majid 1 May 1995 – 16 May 1997
Colonel Muhamad Yasin bin Yahya 16 May 1997


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