Spasoje Hadži Popović

Spasoje Hadži Popović (Serbian Cyrillic: Спасоје Хаџи Поповић; 18 August 1882 – 3 July 1926) was a Serbian teacher in Bitola and editor of the newspaper Južne Zvezde (Southern Stars). He was born in Akritas, in Florina (now Greece). Growing up, he was a witness to the conflict between the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and Bulgarian Exarchate, which divided the Slavic Christian people in Ottoman Macedonia.[1] He enrolled in the Serbian Gymnasium in Bitola in 1899[1] and subsequently in the teacher school in Aleksinac, which had been moved there from Belgrade, together with many pupils from Ottoman territory.[2] He was a member of the Saint Sava Society.[1] Popović was murdered by VMRO agents, who conducted a range of assassinations and terrorist acts against Serbs at that time.[3]

Spasoje Hadži Popović in 1910


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