Soviet Championship (rugby union)

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The Soviet Championship was a rugby union club competition between the domestic teams of the Soviet Union era. It was first contested in 1936, and was last held in 1990.


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1936   Dynamo Moscow   VTsIK School Moscow   Technical Gorky
1938   Dynamo Moscow   Spartak Moscow   Lokomotiv Moscow
1939   Dynamo Moscow   Spartak Moscow   Burevestnik Moscow
1966   MVTU   Dynamo Tbilisi   Dynamo Moscow
1968   MVTU   Dynamo Moscow   Lokomotiv Tbilisi
1969   VVA   Fili Moscow   MAI Moscow
1970   Fili Moscow   MAI Moscow   VVA
1971   VVA   MAI Moscow   Burevestnik Leningrad
1972   Fili Moscow   VVA   Lokomotiv Tbilisi
1973   Fili Moscow   Burevestnik Leningrad   VVA
1974   Fili Moscow   KIIGA Kiev   VVA
1975   Fili Moscow   KIIGA Kiev   RC Lokomotiv Moscow
1976   VVA   Slava Moscow   KIIGA Kiev
1977   VVA   Slava Moscow   Fili Moscow
1978   Aviator Kiev   Fili Moscow   Lokomotiv Tbilisi
1979   Slava Moscow   Fili Moscow   VVA
1980   VVA   RC Lokomotiv Moscow   Slava Moscow
1981   VVA   Aviator Kiev   Lokomotiv Tbilisi
1982   Slava Moscow   VVA   Aviator Kiev
1983   RC Lokomotiv Moscow   Fili Moscow   Slava Moscow
1984   VVA   RC AIA Kutaisi   Aviator Kiev
1985   VVA   Slava Moscow   RC AIA Kutaisi
1986   VVA   Slava Moscow   Fili Moscow
1987   RC AIA Kutaisi   VVA   Aviator Kiev
1988   RC AIA Kutaisi   Krasny Yar   SKA Alma-Ata
1989   RC AIA Kutaisi   VVA   Krasny Yar
1990   Krasny Yar   VVA   Aviator Kiev
1991   Krasny Yar   SKA Alma-Ata   VVA

Results by republicEdit

Republic Gold Silver Bronze Total top 3
  Russian SFSR 26 24 19 63
  Georgian SSR 3 2 5 10
  Ukrainian SSR 1 3 5 9
  Kazakh SSR - 1 1 2

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