South Australian Railways F class (1869)

The two South Australian Railways F Class (1st) locomotives were built in England in 1869 by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol. No. 21 entered service on the South Australian Railways in September 1869; No. 22 followed in October.

South Australian Railways F class (1st)
South Australian Railways (First) F Class Locomotive No. 21.jpg
SAR "first F class" locomotive no. 21 at Nairne station in the Adelaide Hills, about 1884
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderAvonside Engine Company
Serial number773 & 774
Build date1869
Total produced2
RebuilderSouth Australian Railways
Rebuild date1880
Number rebuilt2
 • Whyte4-4-0T
 • UIC2'B T
Gauge5 ft 3 in (1,600 mm)
Driver dia.4 ft 11+12 in (1,511 mm)
Loco weight30 long tons 16 cwt (69,000 lb or 31.3 t)
Boiler pressure130 psi (896 kPa)
Cylinder size14 in × 22 in (356 mm × 559 mm)
Valve gearStephenson valve gear
Performance figures
Tractive effort9,500 lbf (42 kN)
OperatorsSouth Australian Railways
Number in class2
Numbers21 & 22
First run1869
DispositionBoth scrapped

The locomotives' initial role was to take over hauling goods trains from the A class locomotives on the new Roseworthy to Tarlee line. They operated on the Port Adelaide and in the Adelaide hills, where they pulled passenger and goods trains. Near the end of their short working life they shunted in the Adelaide Yards. In 1892, the engines were being rebuilt when a workshop crane lifted them without using hornplates, dropping and seriously damaging them in the process; they were declared to be beyond repair and scrapped afterwards.[1][2][3]

Ten years later, a second group of locomotives, a suburban tank with a 4-6-2 wheel arrangement, took on the "F" class classification.


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