South African and International Exhibition

The South African and International Exhibition was a world's fair held in Kimberley, Cape Colony in 1892 to promote trade and labour.

South African and International Exhibition
Henry Loch, High Commissioner for Southern Africa who opened the exhibition
BIE-classUnrecognized exposition
NameSouth African and International Exhibition
Area30 acres (12 ha)
Visitors400 000
CountryCape Colony
VenuePublic Gardens
Coordinates28°44′34″S 24°46′36″E / 28.7427111111°S 24.7767583333°E / -28.7427111111; 24.7767583333
Opening8 September 1892
Closure10 January 1893

The exhibition


The exhibition was opened by Henry Loch, High Commissioner for Southern Africa on 8 September 1892[1] and closed 20 January 1893.[2]

Cecil Rhodes, Prime Minister of Cape Colony, decided that the exhibition should be held in Kimberley. It was held in the Public Gardens of Kimberley[1] (now Queen's Park)[3] on a 30-acre site, with corrugated iron buildings[2] designed D. W. Greatbatch.[1]

There were art displays including paintings from the Royal Collection, mineral displays of diamonds, coal, crocidolite, diamonds, gold and silver, mining machinery,[2] and sheep shearing equipment.[4]

400 000 people attended, and the fair lost £14,195,[2] with the loss being covered by Rhodes.[1]



The De Beers exhibit was taken to be displayed at the 1893 Chicago exhibition.[2] The art hall was converted to be used by the Kimberley Rifles, and subsequently used as a typhoid hospital during the Boer war.[1]


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