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The South African Republic Police (Dutch: Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek Politie; ZARP) was the police force of the former country South African Republic, one of two Internationally recognized Boer countries of the mid 19th to early 20th century. Members of the police force were known as ZARPs. After the Union of South Africa was established in 1910, the force was incorporated into the South African Police Force.

The ZARP was the mounted and foot police of the ZAR. From 1881 to 1896 the ZARPS were part of the Artillery and then began a separate existence as an independent entity. In 1899, the force consisted of 10 officers, 100 NCO’s and 1400 men. The majority of the force was foot police but they all took to the field and entered the Second Boer War as mounted forces. The ZARPs fought well and earned a reputation for their tenacity, skill and courage. In peacetime they carried swords, carbines and revolvers. During the Anglo-Boer war the ZARPs carried the Mauser rifle. Mr L.S. Amery stated that “the police were first-class fighters, combining the skill of the Boer with the courage and self-sacrifice of the disciplined soldier”.[citation needed] The “fighting” ZARPs accompanied the Boer forces from the ZAR that invaded Natal. They participated in many major and minor engagements but gained enduring fame at the Battle of Dalmanutha or Diamond Hill where they were destroyed as a unit. Individual members as well as the last contingent of the ZARPs continued to fight in the ZAR during the guerrilla and final stage of the Second Boer War.