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Sourav Chatterjee

Sourav Chatterjee (born November 1979)[1] is a mathematician, specializing in mathematical statistics and probability theory. Chatterjee is credited with work on Stein's method on spin glasses and also the Universality of Lindeberg principle. For these achievements, he was awarded a Sloan Fellowship in 2007 from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation[2] and the Tweedie New Researcher Award in 2008 from the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.[3]

Sourav Chatterjee
Sourav Chatterjee 2010.jpg
Sourav Chatterjee, 2010
BornNovember 1979 (1979-11) (age 40)
Alma materIndian Statistical Institute
B.Stat. (2000) M.Stat. (2002)
Stanford University
PhD. (2005)
Scientific career
InstitutionsStanford University
University of California at Berkeley
New York University (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
Doctoral advisorPersi Diaconis


Chatterjee received a Bachelor and Master of Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, and a Ph.D from Stanford University in 2005, where he worked under the supervision of Persi Diaconis.[4] Chatterjee joined University of California, Berkeley, as a Visiting Assistant Professor, then received a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in 2006. In July 2009 he became an Associate Professor of Statistics and Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley. Then in September 2009, Chatterjee became an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.[5] He spent the academic year 2012-2013 as a Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Stanford University. Since autumn 2013 he has joined the faculty of Stanford University as a full professor with joint appointments in the departments of Mathematics and Statistics.[6]

He is also an associate editor of Annals of Probability, since January 2009, and Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilities et Statistiques, since January 2008.[5][7][8]


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  5. Inaugural Wolfgang Doeblin Prize in Probability, 2012.
  6. Loève Prize 2013.
  7. ICM Invited talk, 2014.[10]


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