Soulfire (comics)

Soulfire is a comic book produced by Aspen MLT that is one in a line of titles created by Michael Turner. The original characters were created between 2000 and 2002 with Soulfire (originally named Dragonfly) set to be produced under the Top Cow, although that never came to be. Only when Michael Turner started his company Aspen MLT, did the comic begin production in April 2003.

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Publication information
PublisherAspen Comics
First appearanceWizard #139 (March 2003)
Created byMichael Turner
In-story information
Full nameGrace
Cover for Soulfire #0,
art by Michael Turner
and Peter Steigerwald.
Series publication information
PublisherAspen MLT
FormatOngoing series
GenreFantasy comics
Publication date
(vol. 1)
May 2004 – July 2009
(vol. 2)
September 2009 – January 2011
(vol. 3)
April 2011 – May 2012
(vol. 4)
August 2012 – Present
Number of issues(vol. 1): 11
(vol. 2): 10
(vol. 3): 8
(vol. 4): 8
Creative team
Writer(s)(vol. 1-4)
J.T. Krul
Penciller(s)(vol. 1)
Michael Turner
Joe Benitez
(vol. 2)
Marcus To
(vol. 3-4)
Jason Fabok
Inker(s)(vol. 2)
Saleem Crawford
Richard Zajac
Colorist(s)(vol. 1)
Peter Steigerwald
(vol. 2)
Beth Sotelo
(vol. 3)
John Starr

The Soulfire 'preview' issue was first printed in Wizard magazine #139 in March 2003. The preview introduced the two central protagonists of the story, Malikai and Grace.


Soulfire is centered around the idea of "magic" being gone from the world. The story follows a boy named Malikai and a rag tag team of magical beings and cyborgs. Malikai's quest as the chosen one is to bring magic back to the hardened future of (2211 AD) and stop it from being used by evil.


Soulfire: Dying of the LightEdit

A related comic limited series that sets the stage for the Soulfire series. It takes place in the end of the last era of magic where a disease is killing magical beings and parts of magic (such as the wings so many rely on in this era to fly).

Soulfire: Chaos ReignEdit

A Soulfire limited series which takes place in primal times of the Soulfire universe, back when magic was still raw and untapped. It also led into the second volume of Soulfire, released in summer 2006. This is the second such series to spin out of the Soulfire limited series.

Soulfire: New World OrderEdit

While Soulfire is a limited series of 10 issues, it does not end there. It continues in the mini-series New World Order. New World Order is the bridge between Volume 1 and 2. It is 5 issues with a beginnings issue and number 0 issue. It is written by J.T. Krul with art by Francisco Herrera. Each issue also contains a Soulfire Vol. 2 backup story called Resurgence.



  • Malikai -- A young boy who is chosen to bring back magic to the world.
  • Grace -- A winged female individual who plans on doing what is necessary to bring magic back to the world. She chooses Malikai to take on the task.
  • Sonia -- Friend of Malikai, whom she harbors a crush on. According to creator Michael Turner, her hair changes colors with her mood.
  • PJ -- Friend of Malikai. Many facial piercings and long, spiked hair. Sometimes acts as Mal's bodyguard (see issue #1).
  • Benoist -- A warrior in the "Battle Pit" whom Grace, Malikai, Sonia, and PJ seek help from. Harbors a grudge against Rainier.
  • Rainier -- Antagonist in the series. Responsible for the corruption of magic, also the one who created the mechanical dragon.
  • Onyx -- A winged female mercenary who works for Rainier. We first see her when she attempts to kidnap Malikai.
  • Dragon -- The destructive creation of Rainier.

Soulfire: Dying of the LightEdit

  • Mooncrest -- A dragon, friend of Grace. Later, Rainier takes control of him, forcing Grace to make a decision on her friend's life.
  • Aglalia -- Seen in the preview issue, Grace's mother, was seen at her own mother's side as she lay on her deathbed.
  • Dex - A winged male, he is a strong brute who takes Faye to see the King's Magi upon her sudden illness. Later he aids Grace in seeking out a cure for the illness taking hold on the land.
  • Faye -- a winged female like Grace, seen with Dex and later taken by him to see the King's Magi. Later she aids Grace in finding the answers to the illness falling upon the land.
  • King Minas - King of Arcadia. Was being driven to madness from paranoia of the illness taking over the land.
  • Nala -- A winged female, joined Dex in seeking out Troy, her partner after he was escorted to see the Magi and had not returned for eight days.
  • Troy -- Nala's life partner, a winged male. Was locked up for eight days after Nala took him to see the King's Magi. Later dies - victim of the illness.
  • Vinn -- Right-hand man of King Minas, was aware of his King's madness but could do nothing to help. Was responsible for locking up the Magi, Troy and Faye. Later reveals he only did it for the sake of the kingdom and aids Grace against Rainier.
  • Septh - A winged man, monk. Takes Grace to see Eyron, later falls pray to the illness that hits the land.
  • Eyron the Dragon -- Ancient Dragon, said to have been at the birth of magic. Knows the way magic works.
  • Wellspring -- Dragon, friend of Faye's, saved her and the others helping Grace from two other dragons. Later seen aiding Grace and the others against Ranier.
  • General Zanis -- General under King Minas' command. Was ordered to attack king Ornoth since Minas presumed the illness and assassination amount against him were from his kingdom.
  • King Ornoth -- king of Delphora, was blamed for poisoning the land of Arcadia by King Minas. Ornoth himself however was also a victim of the illness. Later he joins Zanis in fighting against Ranier.
  • Lucivia -- Monk, speaks on behalf of Eyron and later was tasked with hiding the eras existence from the future generations.
  • Halifax -- dragon, mother of Dandelion. Upon discovering she was dying she took her daughter to Eyron's mountain.
  • Dandelion -- a young dragon, brought to the monks for protection by her mother. Later given to Seph to raise.
  • Morlyn -- Winged male. Locked up by Vinn and later released to fight Ranier.

Soulfire: Chaos ReignEdit

  • Miya -- Female winged person. Though female desired to learn to hunt and not follow traditional female roles within her tribe.
  • Noris -- Father of Miya.
  • Oshil -- Never seen but spoken of, Miya's brother killed by a panther.
  • Delna -- Miya's mother, she protested against her husband's willingness to train their daughter in the ways of the hunt after the death of their son. Later was dragged off during the night


Trade PaperbacksEdit

Title Material Collected Publication Date ISBN
Soulfire Volume 1 Part 1 Soulfire Preview, Soulfire vol. 1 #0, #1-5 April, 2008 ISBN 097748212X
Soulfire Volume 1 Part 2 Soulfire vol. 1 #6-10 June, 2010 ISBN 0982362811
Soulfire: Dying of the Light Soulfire: Dying of the Light #0, #1-5 June, 2007 ISBN 0977482111
Soulfire: Chaos Reign Soulfire: Chaos Reign #0, #1-3 July, 2008 ISBN 0977482146
Soulfire Volume 1: The Definitive Edition Soulfire vol. 1 #0, #1-10 May, 2012 ISBN 0982362862
Soulfire Volume 2: Dragon Fall Soulfire vol. 2 #0, #1-9 April, 2016 ISBN 098544732X
Soulfire Volume 3: Seeds of Chaos Soulfire vol. 3 #0, #1-8 May, 2017 ISBN 1941511139
Soulfire Volume 4: Dark Grace Soulfire vol. 4 #1-8 May, 2017 ISBN 1941511228
Soulfire Volume 5: Pandemonium All New Soulfire #1-8 November, 2017 ISBN 1941511309
Soulfire Volume 6: Future Shock Soulfire vol. 6 #1-8 July, 2018 ISBN 1941511376

Movie adaptationEdit

An animated feature adaptation of Soulfire is currently in development by Mythos Studios. The announcement was made during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2018.


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