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SortSite is a web crawler that scans entire websites for quality issues including: accessibility; browser compatibility; broken links; legal compliance; search optimization; usability and web standards compliance.

Stable release
3.03 / Jun 1, 2009
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
TypeWeb crawler

Tests, Standards and CheckpointsEdit

Quality tests run on each page include:

  • Accessibility - W3 WCAG 1.0, 2.0 and Section 508 standards
  • Browser Compatibility - check cross-browser compatibility of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (i.e. find code that doesn't work in all browsers)
  • Broken Links - checks for broken links, missing images and HTTP protocol violations
  • Search Engine Guidelines - Yahoo, Microsoft and Google guidelines - websites violating the guidelines may be removed from the Google index
  • Usability - peer-reviewed web usability guidelines[1]
  • Web Standards - validation of HTML, XHTML and CSS


The product has received reviews in Website Magazine[2] and Softpedia.[3] The vendor maintains a list of current reviews on their website.

A list of problems commonly encountered by users is provided by the vendor in the SortSite FAQ.


SortSite is commercial licensed software which uses serial numbers to prevent unlicensed usage. Standard licensing is per-user, but pooled floating licences are also available at extra cost.

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