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Sorrento Mesa, San Diego

Sorrento Mesa is a neighborhood in northwestern San Diego, California. It lies north of Carrol Canyon Road, east of Interstate 805, west of Camino Santa Fe, and south of a canyon locally known as Lopez Canyon. The San Diego Police Department's neighborhood map shows Sorrento Mesa as part of the Sorrento Valley neighborhood.[1] Sorrento Mesa is included in the Mira Mesa Community Planning Area.[2] [3]



The area is primarily zoned for light industrial use. At its center is the San Diego Tech Center. There is a particular concentration of businesses in the fields of telecommunications, wireless applications, and biotechnology research.[4] There are also hotels, restaurants, and small retail areas which cater primarily to employees and visitors of the businesses.[5]

Major businesses operating in Sorrento Mesa include Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, Cingular Wireless, Novatel Wireless, and Hologic.[4] In 2011 the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced plans to move into a $100 million, six-story building on Vista Sorrento Parkway in Sorrento Mesa.[6] The building houses 400 special agents and support staff; the FBI occupied the building in May 2013.[7]


Development of the area began in the 1980s with a series of industrial parks. Support services such as restaurants and shopping began to be added later in the decade.[8]

Community groupsEdit

The Business Alliance of Sorrento Mesa is a sub-group of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.[9]