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The mountain Sornfelli has a height of 749 m

Sornfelli is a mountain plateau on the island of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands about 12 km from the capital Tórshavn (20 km by road). It is the site of a military station at 725 m asl. The Sornfelli Meteorological Station installed in 1999 is located in the middle of the 40000 m2 Sornfelli Mountain top plateau at 725 m asl.

Temperatures at the meteorological station in 2000 were:

  • Mean annual air temperature: +1.7 °C
  • Mean coldest month (April): -2.2 °C
  • Mean warmest month (August): 6.5 °C

From Tórshavn you can drive over the mountain road "Oyggjarvegin" to the Sornfelli Mountain plateau. There is a public road up to the Sornfelli Mountain plateau, but not the last 200 m to the radar base. The mountain Sornfelli has a height of 749 m.


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Coordinates: 62°05′0″N 6°50′0″W / 62.08333°N 6.83333°W / 62.08333; -6.83333