Soon It's Gonna Rain

"Soon It's Gonna Rain" is a song from the musical comedy The Fantasticks, with lyrics written by Tom Jones, and music composed by Harvey Schmidt.


The song was first sung by Rita Gardner and Kenneth Nelson in the original Off Broadway production of The Fantasticks. Other performers from the long-running Off-Broadway production of the show to sing the song include Kristin Chenoweth, American Idol finalist Anthony Fedorov and winner of the thirteenth season of The Amazing Race, Nick Spangler.

In the Hallmark Hall of Fame broadcast on October 18, 1964, the song was performed by John Davidson and Susan Watson.[1]

We Five did a version of the song on their 1969 album, The Return of We Five.[2]

In the 1995 film version of The Fantasticks, the song was performed by Joey McIntyre and Jean Louisa Kelly.[3]

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